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Hi, my name is Sabin Badulescu. I am 31 years old and I am from Bucharest, Romania.

My arm wrestling story started 16 years ago, when I challanged my big brother  – and lost. From that moment on the spark lightened a fire in my soul. Since then arm wrestling became part of my life. I learned that even failure is a success in progress.

Currently I am National Overall Arm Wrestling Champion of Romania. In April this year I won 2 gold medals at the National Arm Wrestling Championships in Romania and one more at absolute category.

Now I am again the best Arm Wrestler in Romania and I would like to have the chance to prepare to represent my country at the Arm Wrestling World Championships 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The biggest problem for me is that when I won the National Arm Wrestling Championships I did not receive a penny, instead I paid my travel, entry, accommodation, and taxes.

The highest award in Romania is US$150 and to win it I must pay at least US$100 for travel and accommodation.

It is hard for our sport to exist but it is like any other sports. I train every day, 2-3 times – about 4-6 hour per day. This includes, running, gym, specifics, table training, cardio, strength.

The money raised here with your help is for supplements, travel, accommodation, and taxes.

Thank you for any support you can give me in my mission to win Gold for Romania at the Arm Wrestling World Championships.

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10x National Arm Wrestling Champion

1st Balkan League Heavyweight Class

Overall Romanian Arm Wrestling Champion 2014-2016

Overall Moldova Arm Wrestling Champion 2014-2016

X-Men 2013 Winner in world country VENDETTA

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