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Cruz Speakman is a determined 10 year old boy whose dream is to become a formula 1 driver. Cruz has shown real skill from an early age when he first hit the track. Since 2012 Cruz has trained and entered various competitions showing real talent gaining numerous podium finishes in his category.  In 2013 Cruz participated in his first championship, the “Valenciana Championship”. Cruz was the youngest competitor in his category and secured podium finishes and third place in the championship.  In 2017 Cruz came 1st in the Championship. When we are racing in Spain we are proud to say we ride under the British Flag and currently the only British child to be racing in all the competitions. Cruz is fluent in three languages both written and verbal – Spanish, Valenciano and English, and learning Welsh and French which is a great benefit in this sport. As Cruz continues to show real talent and determination in karting, consistently showing podium finishes it is our intention to support Cruz to continue to compete and strengthen his already bright career. Last year Cruz raced in a few races in the UK where every race he showed the same determination and made great progress through the races, every race meeting climbing up through the championship. It’s Cruz’s ambition in 2019 to take his racing to a higher level by entering the whole of the Super One Series which is televised on Sky’s Motors TV. A host of famous British drivers, including Formula One stars Hamilton and Button, came through Super One, which is made up of 11 different classes, and Cruz has been told by various  teams that he has what it takes to compete at that level. We would also like with the support of you is to compete in Europe in the X30 series in the X30 mini class which would be a big learning curve racing up against the best in Europe

At 11 years old we believe so much has been achieved with the vast amount of pole positions, medals and trophies in  just the few years Cruz has been racing and with additional sponsorship we hope to accelerate Cruz’s driving capabilities to constantly achieve pole positions and first place finishes. As Cruz is at the top of the regional championship in Spain, we truly believe with help from  you we can achieve this in the UK too. As a family team we are committed, motivated  and have experienced mechanics who work tirelessly up to 4 days per week to achieve our potential.

Why We Need Sponsorship?

To run a kart is costly and although as a family hobby it is manageable but with the talent and skill shown by Cruz it is a natural progression for him to compete further and develop as a racing driver.  The maintenance of the kart, tyres, the engine, training, travel costs and general consumables become a reoccurring cost as we start to compete more aggressively.  Sponsorship from a local organisation or interested individual will enable Cruz to continue to participate in karting and secure a place at large scale kart competitions. We are currently looking for sponsors to help with: tyres, chassis, engines, team costs, travel, consumables, training days, race entry fees, protective wear or a general donation to show your support.

Finally, we would like to thank you again for your time in reading our story and I sincerely hope that you, your company or friends may be able to help me achieve my dreams, whilst also us doing our bit by promoting your company.

“let Cruz’s dream become a reality”

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Campeonato de Valencia 2013

In 2013, Cruz's 1st championship he came 3rd overall

Campeonato de Valencia 2017

Champion of Valencia 2017

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