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About Me

Where do I start! My name is Danielle Murphy, I am from Saggart in Co. Dublin and I am currently fighting to retain my Championship title for a second year running in the fastest growing form of sport in the World, Drifting. I am currently the “Queen of Europe” 2013 Championship winner.

To date this year, I have won the first two rounds of the 2014 Championship, Round 1 being in Hungary. My car, “The Green Monster” is famous throughout the World thanks to social media and my brilliant results across Europe and at home to date. We are regularly used in many promotional campaigns to advertise future events.

I am a very competitive, unique niche in a male dominated sport, I am a one woman team, I build, maintain, transport and drive The Green Monster to each and every event, doing all the pre event prep myself, I have one goal in life: I will never give up fighting for my dreams. In the past 12 months I have overcome serious obstacles and hurdles placed in my way, giving up is never an option for me, and regardless of the problem, I always see the solution and make it work.


My Goal

At the start of this year I had 3 major obstacles which could have easily held me back from competing this year, I had no van, trailer or finances to make the trips across Europe to defend my title. Nissan Ireland with the Generation Next programme have provided me with a brand new NV400 van which in turn I am now a proud ambassador to represent this brand. West wood trailers kindly also provided me with a car trailer to use for the year to help me with my quest. And then the last, finances…. The vain in most sports persons stress and worries.

I am going to set this campaign at a level which would help cover a lot of my expense for the final round of the Queen of Europe Championship, which is in Croatia on September 5/6/7.  Should I acquire extra funding over the cost of this event, it will enable me to return with the car to Ireland before the Malta event “King of Kings” and it will enable me to compete in the final round of the Irish Drift Championship in Mondello on September 27/28.



My Dream

I’m a woman with a dream, along that dream I am leading others to believe they can also fulfill and exceed their dreams if they fight, focus and drive towards it. The amount of people I am so grateful to for their support and kind words is what helps me in more stressful times, it is this that drives me even harder – Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

I have achieved so much in such a short time with no financial or major support, what can I achieve with some help…?!

King of Kings promo, Drift Queen Danielle Murphy IRL

My aim is to continue fighting in this male dominated sport and inspire other women all around the World to see, women can fight amongst the men and do good! Because of my Championship win last year, I automatically qualify for a very special invitation only event in Malta…

I am not only the ONLY woman competing at this event, I am the ONLY IRISH DRIVER, I am very proud and honoured to be able to represent my country at such a level while making way for the future of Drifting Worldwide.



The moment I was announced winner of the 2013 Championship, I fell to my knees and hugged my mother crying with happiness! I couldn’t believe I had actually gotten so far and bulldozed through all challenges and problems along the way.

I am a normal woman with a dream, I continue to fight hard, but now I have to admit I need help to take the next step and not be afraid to ask for it.

Each European event costs an average of €5,000. (without tyres) to transport myself and the car, the main expense being fuel and ferries. I drive the car myself and only stop to rest when I get tired, due to the lack of funding for hotels, I sleep across the seats of the van which is also added security for my car on the trailer, just in case someone was to try take it while I sleep. My brain is always working!!


I could continue on forever to give some more credentials and prove my media and marketing work (Which I also do myself!) But instead, I will post some videos you can watch at your own leisure. I work very hard for what I have and want to achieve, while also representing myself and sponsors in a very professional manner.

I am just about to touch on the iceberg, so join me and continue on my journey with me, I can guarantee it will be exciting! Online live streaming of drift events in Ireland, have peaked at 128,000 people worldwide on the first broadcast. On Facebook alone I have over 25,000 people following me and growing rapidly.


The Sunday World newspaper & The Tallaght Echo continue to support and follow my story as I continue to take the European trophy’s home. I have also featured on many other forms of Irish media within the past 12 months, here’s TV3’s The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin.

And most recently, John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1 with Kathryne Thomas.

I would also like to take this opportunity to appeal to media crew in the TV industry, that I would like to offer my time for documentation of my journey while I fight to retain my title. I have hours of unpublished footage from last year also available for content, and you can be sure that there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears along the road.

My direct personal videos & documentarys

My Youtube Channel

Winning video from Round 2 QOE in Romania

Work Hard, Play Harder

For any company’s interested in further information, please contact me for my full Sponsorship Proposal Package via email. Thank you for taking the time to read through the above, and I look forward to future contacts.

Kind Regards,
Danielle Murphy


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Queen of Europe Championship winner 2013

Winner Round 1 2014 Winner Round 2 2014 Winner Round 1 2013 3rd Place Round 2 2013 2nd Plce Round 3 2013

Nissan Generation Next - Ambassador for Nissan Ireland

Along with West Wood Trailers, Naas. Ifor William trailer distributor. I am very proud to be associated with such reputable, World renowned brands.

Top 5 finish in King of Europe (PRO Series) Round 5 2013

Many many more achievements, including results in GT3 Touring car racing on my first test earlier this year, driving a Dodge Viper. Irish Drift Championship, I am the ONLY female competitor 2009 - 2014 Consistent Top 16 qualifier out of approx 96 other competitors. King of Europe Street Legal (men's league) Consistent Top 8 qualifier

Sports person of the Month award June 2013

The Tallaght Echo Sports person of the Year nominated, finished 2nd.

Many many more achievements and challenges won

Contact for full Sponsorship proposal via email with all information from my career :)

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