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Hello! My name is Luis Ayllon de Mingo and I live in Madrid, Spain. My biggest passion is e-sports, so I exercise as often as I can. My goal is to become one of the best athletes in my sport, and I need your help to make the impossible a reality.

Luis contains a story that is focused on sports. Throughout his international sports career, he has been a reference star for audiences in several countries. He has always been a spectator in sporting events, as he has been influenced by great figures on the world scene. The amateur level was in swimming, triathlon, basketball, soccer and polo tournaments since he was very young. He also had in mind several championships of Golf, Baseball, Surf in an amateur range. He saves all his clothes as relics of the equipment where he has contributed; since after collecting twenty-six medallions with fifteen trophies, he has decided to progress with an intellectual sport called Omaha for his professional stage. With christening together with an early childhood education in the Empire of Japan, primary and secondary education in the Kingdom of Spain; He made progress in the United States of America with his university education. Later, he returned to Spain to progress in his institutional studies. This demonstrates your ability to progress. Every person thinks that it is a reference labeled to triumph. The achievement is in his personality. He needs to raise funds to cover accommodation, costs, diet and travel competitions. Therefore, any donation contribution for this campaign is appreciated.

To excel, Luis needs to constantly exceed his limits. You are ready to work hard, but at the same time, you know that the road to success will be expensive. By supporting him today, you are investing in something bigger than just a fundraiser. You are changing your life. Thanks for your support!
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Unicaja Malaga

• Primero en el dia de la Fiesta Club. • Segundo en el I Torneo Club Deportivo. • Rider who traveled the greatest distance to ride in the OBA. • Thirty seventh at the bike ride race on Triathlon. • El Deporte Es Vida Concurso Nacional De Plástica Con Redacción Por Autonomías. • Segundo en el XXXIV Cross. Primero en el II Torneo. • Primero en el Campus IDEOTUR. • Primero en el VII Torneo Arcangel Rafael. • Segundo en el III Torneo Jose Luis Sagi-Vela. • Primero en el Torneo San Jose Del Parque. • Segundo en el II Torneo Jose Luis Sagi-Vela. • Segundo en el IV Torneo Jose Luis Sagi-Vela. • Primero en la Carrera de atletismo de Triatlon. • Primero en el Campus Deportivo Rima.

Real Canoe Bilbao

• Western Men's Swimming & Water Polo. • Representing Western Washington University Vikings at the Western Washington University Athletics. • World Sport Basketball Turbo Club Collection. • Third in the Quinibasket Tournament. • First in the II Quinibasket Tournament. • Tercero en los Juegos Deportivos Acedyr del Club Natación Pamplona, Gobierno de Navarra. • Dos veces Campeón en la Federación de Baloncesto de Madrid Benjamín Masculino. • Premio en la VI Jornada Deportiva Mater Immaculata Mejor Encestador. • Mejor Jugador en el XIV Torneo de Baloncesto San José Del Parque. • Liga Española de Baloncesto Amateur. • Real Canoe Natación Club (RCNC). • IES Beatriz Galindo (IESBG). • Primera División. • Liga EBA.

Stars Fitness Valencia

• Play WPT. New York. • Liga de Poker Series. • World Poker Tour. • World Series Of Poker. • Circuito Nacional de Poker. • Liga Nacional de Poker • Laroush Poker Series • Super Stack Series • France Poker Tour • Italian Poker Tour • Eureka Poker Tour. • Estrellas Poker Tour

Real Madrid Castilla

• Premio del Club. • Primero en el Dia Del Club. • Segundo en el IV Torneo. • Segundo en el V Torneo. • Primero en el III Torneo. • Primero en el PSJ. • Premio del Club. • Peninsula College Men's Soccer. • Fifth in the Intramural Soccer League. • Representing the Peninsula Pirates at the Peninsula College Athletics. • First in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC). • Divisiones Regionales de Fútbol de la Comunidad de Madrid en el Barrio Las Ventas Moscardó de la liga Tercera Aficionados. • Tercero en el Torneo de la Escuela en Santa María del Pilar. • Dos premios en el Campus Deportivo Rima. • Federación de Fútbol de Madrid (FFM). • Primero en el Colegio Agustiniano. • Hombre Ventas Fútbol.

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