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Mohamed Safwat

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Hello, my name is Mohamed Safwat and I’m a professional tennis player. I am proud to have been born and raised in Egypt, where I learned to play the game I love, tennis. As a junior, I was crowned the African Champion in the U14 & U16 categories – which really propelled me and gave me the confidence to believe I could make it as a successful professional tennis player. I currently hold the record for the most Futures Titles won in one year with nine, and my career high singles ranking at #187. My 2017 highlights include competing in the Australian Open Qualifying, Doha ATP 250 (R32 vs DeGreef 7-6, 5-7, 4-6), Dubai ATP 500 (R32  vs Monfils [#12] 4-6, 3-6) and Istanbul ATP 250 (R32 vs Tomic [#40] 7-5, 5-7, 3-6).

Although I come from humble beginnings, being born in Mansoura Egypt, it has never deterred me from striving for success. In the middle of the year, last year (2016), I had a turning point when I played in the final Qualifying round of the Wimbledon Championships, having ousted a now consistent top 100 player in the second round. I was a step away from fulfilling the “Dream” of competing in my first Gram Slam event and making history as being the 1st Egyptian in over 20 years to contest in the Main Draw of a Grand Slam. Even after losing the last match in a very well-contested three set match, I know I  made my family, nation and the African continent proud by this performance and it’s inspired me to do even better.

But aside from being one of the highest ranked African and Arab players, the Futures success, good Challenger results, and now consistently playing in ATP events, I have a dark cloud that hovers above my head. As a professional tennis player, you need to be ranked in the Top 100 to break-even or start to actually make a living from tennis and to bridge that gap you need to hire at the least a coach who is proficient at that level, as well as pay for travel and coaching costs. This is what has been my biggest struggle, especially as I come from a developing country. I have not been able to get financial assistance at the critical times where I need to travel with a coach consistently, in order to be able to break into the Top 100.

I am proud of my journey so far and appreciate all the help I have had along the way, but I have struggled and struggled to come up with the resources required to make the necessary transition. As I continue to improve and compete at a higher level, the expenses will only increase and right now I am in a tricky place where I need to retain my coach especially at tournaments, but I am unable to make enough from the tournaments to sustain travel expenses for both of us. This is the only real predicament I’m facing, but I know and all believe that with my team and correct financial support, I will continue to make an assertive transition into the Top 100 and will be able to sustain myself and also become a messenger of “hope” to the African continent and all athletes coming from not so privileged backgrounds.

Any support you can give me will be used towards coaching expenses and some travel costs. I need to raise at least $20,000 to help cover some of these expenses for the rest of the year. Please help me reach my goal and I won’t let you down! Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for any contributions (big or small). Please share this page any way you can, especially with your friends, families and colleagues interested in tennis.

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