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Full Name: Philippa Kay Brett

Age: 24

Height: 172cm

Weight: 66kg

Home: I am from Cornwall but currently based in Bath for training

I mean I could carry on listing all the boring stuff but thats not very interesting. What is interesting is that I am part of the Great British Skeleton team and love to slide down hills of ice, head first, at 70mph plus. I train full time in Bath in the summer and around world in the winter. With all this training I don’t have enough time or energy to be able to work to earn money for all my expenses. I do get lottery funding from UK sport but that is very minimal and very difficult to live on. I am starting this campaign so that I can afford to buy equipment to help with me development. I have been competing this winter, (which you can read about in my monthly blog –, but next winter I will be competing a lot more so I will need to best equipment I can get. I could ramble on but ultimately my goal is to reach the Winter Olympics 2022 and represent my country and all of you who have supported me! But I cant get there with our your help, so if you feel you’d like to help me on my journey to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games then please donate. Even £5 will help and I will be hugely appreciative!



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