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Power-chair football has been played at Percy Hedley School, Newcastle for several years introducing new young players to the exciting game. Two years ago, the Newcastle United Foundation charity joined Percy Hedley starting training sessions which resulted in an influx of players from complete beginners to returning experienced players.  This support and coaching enabled the development of two teams – The Newcastle Magpies which is the development squad competing in the North East Regional Championship and the Newcastle team who compete in the North East Regional Premier League. The teams and the club are going from strength to strength and are positive of a higher finish in the Regional Leagues, both aiming to win their divisions.

During 2018-2019 season, it became apparent that the potential to go further than regional leagues was not just a dream but reality. The commitment to the club from all of the players, coaches and the Foundation resulted in The Newcastle team re-naming themselves to the Newcastle Power-chair Football Club, (PFC) and a decision to attend the National Qualifiers in June of this year. The team were incredible, winning all three matches and qualifying top of the table for the National Championship League for this season, 2019-2020.

The ultimate aim of the club is to become one of the best teams in the world combined with ensuring development of the young players who are the future of this amazing sport.

As is often the case in sport, Power-chair football is costly.   To be able to compete at the top level the players require a performance sport chair which cost approximately £7000 per chair.  Five of the National Squad have been fortunate enough to secure funding to purchase one of these chairs each, however three players are having to compete in older chairs which are just not up to the task.

We are looking for support through donations and /or sponsors to provide the necessary funds to help purchase another chair and provide additional funds towards a second chair.  With this investment the club players will be able to compete agains the best teams in the league and ful-fill their dreams. 

Please help if you can and please look at the members offer and be one of the first to own a signed squad photo!!!  Hopefully the team will be a success and you will have really helped.

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Qualifying for the National Powerchair Football club

In June 2019 Newcastle PFC travelled to Nottingham - the home of the National Leagues - and won all three games to qualify for the National Championship league for the 2019/2020 season. This was a fantastic achievement as it was the first time the team had attempted to qualify for the Nationals after a promising campaign in the North East Regional League. The league starts in mid September and the team have been training hard to make a positive impact from the start.

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