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Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess, every girl dreams of becoming a doctor or a model or even a policeman… But I… I’ve always felt at home on the field with a ball at my feet.
I am a 20 year old female footballer who has recently been granted a scholarship to the USA. however I m an independent and do not have parents or anyone that can help me financially. It has always been my dream to play professional football and I have lost out on a previous American scholarship due to lack of funding as well as a serious injury that the doctors said had costed me my career. They were unable to tell me if i would ever be able to do any strenuous activity on my feet as i had serious tendon and ligament damage.   I was heart broken that my escape and my dreams had come to such a drastic ending. So to be given the opportunity again is really a gift in itself.
Football has never just been there for the fun of it or for the sake of being good at it… Football has been my constant escape from what life throws at you. Football has gotten me through very hectic encounters in my life. it’s been my biggest sanity In a world full of chaos. Football has become my biggest addiction and in turn I can honestly say it’s been the best addiction I could ever have. I’ve worked my whole life in pursuit of true happiness and true self love and self belief and I found that with a ball at my feet. 

I’m 20 years old been independent since the age of 17 years old… Managed to complete my Matric year with a bachelor’s pass whilst missing most of my year due to having to work and survive and look after myself whilst finishing school.

I don’t have parents to financially support me or to help get me the support that I need however I do not want to miss out of the opportunity of a lifetime to take South Africa to the USA.

I am currently looking for sponsorship of any kind to help make my dreams come true.

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