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Hi!! my name is Michelle Coyle from Derry in Northern Ireland  🙂

I am going to compete in the IBFA world championships in Rome. The IBFA is a bodybuilding federation and i have been training for 18 years to reach this moment in my life.

i would greatly appreciate any help and have put together some rewards that i think can in return change peoples lives for the better.

18 years ago i discovered a love for lifting weights. after a hard start in life and so many bad things happening to me i found that lifting weights gave me a stronger mental attitude. i became the victor instead of the victim.

I then realised that this could help so many other people in the same position as me. I made it my aim to open a facility in my local community to try to provide a place for these people to gain the same mental strength and growth that I was able to gain. and so .. 2 years ago i opened a gym with an MMA area and punch bags for stress relief.  I regularly show people how to use weights and gym equipment to build and sculpt their bodies and thus build and sculpt their minds. opening a gym has to be a passion i now realise because they don’t make any profit..

People are inspired to give weight lifting a try when they see my successes and so this is not just a journey for myself but to inspire others to try weight lifting and see what it can do for them. sometimes words are not enough to inspire people to give something a go.. a leap of faith sometimes needs more than a hand to hold. that is what i have set out to achieve and i hope you can all help me to get there. without your support I wont be able to do this.

I find that people are more inspired by what they see than what you say. if i can inspire even one person more to try weight lifting and a healthier lifestyle then every ounce of effort will have been worth it
(especially on a day like today when yet another teenager in our town took his own life.. if someone could have reached him then he would still be here.. lets all reach out to those who feel isolated. we have all been there at some point for varying lengths of time.. some people are there for longer than they can cope with)..

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IBFA British Finals

this was the 2nd year that i have ever competed and to have done so well has left me a bit speechless. i came 2nd in two local shows - IBFA and PCA. then to go to the British fInals for both of these federations and to place 3rd and 4th when i was in so much awe just to have made it to the British Finals at all.. and then... TO GET AN INVITE TO THE WORLD FINALS !! WOW !!

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IBFA and me

The IBFA is a bodybuilding federation

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what will i use the funds for:

the costs involved in taking part in this type of competition include: - Bikini's (£300 x 2) and posing shoes - flights and accommodation for competitor and assisting person - food and supplementation - tan, and beauty products for stage presence - registration and supporting monies - coaching and choreography

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