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Hi, My name is Louise Hunt. I am a Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Player currently seeking support on my Road to Rio!

I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida, and have been in a wheelchair my whole life. I have faced many challenges with my disability growing up, however sport has given me an outlet to break down barriers and prove to myself and others, that anything is possible not matter what obstacles you may have to overcome.

I have always been very sporty, for many years I competed in both Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Racing, where I still hold an un-official record of 7 Consecutive  London Mini Wheelchair Marathon wins.

However Tennis was always my passion, so at 16 I made the choice to dedicate my life to the sport I love the most!

At 21 years old I competed in London 2012 which was my first Paralympic games, and have now officially qualified for my second games in Rio this year!  In order to internationally qualify for the games I needed to be ranked inside the top 22 in the world at the end of May, I qualified ranked 11.

I am having the most successful year of my career so far, this year reaching my highest ever international world ranking of 10 and competing in my first Grand slam at Wimbledon last year and this year!

Any support I receive will be greatly appreciated on my Road to Rio, and will go towards supporting my training and travel costs!

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