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Hi, I’m Samantha Harrison, a 24 year old female from Nottinghamshire. Running and fitness is my passion. I’ve always had a strong desire to keeping fit and now it is my main passion to run.

I started to take running seriously in September 2018 when I entered my first race, The Nottingham Robin Hood half marathon, and with little preparation and no experience with running I surprised myself and did really well. I wanted more after this, then I joined a local running club.

I decided to train more often and train harder. And since then I have managed to achieve great success in rapid time. And it’s been completely unintentional. I’ve fell in love with running, competing, the whole atmosphere, the love and support from others in the running community, the mental challenge it gives you and the buzz it provides when you cross that finish line having achieved something special for your hard work and commitment.

I now compete on the track, half marathons and 10k road races as my main events.
My progress has been rapid, and I’m now an elite level athlete. Running at this level requires full time dedication, commitment, discipline and sacrifices. Now I’m ready to push on to the next level, which requires even more hard work, dedication and sacrifices to reach my full potential.
With a full time professional approach I feel I can do this. Having got to such a high level in such a short space of time, I now want to progress to the highest level I possibly can. And it would help push me even more having others around to support and encourage me.
A recognised and proven way to achieve greater performance and development is running and training at altitude for a prolonged period of time.
To achieve my goal I would like to train for one month at an altitude training camp at either flagstaff in the USA, or Kenya, east Africa. This would improve my fitness and develop my performance significantly, with an objective of hitting a peak level of fitness for the crucial races in the early part of the forthcoming season. And continuing qualification for England athletics and hopefully beyond.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any sponsorship or funding towards this, and it is very expensive to fund yourself at this level. I believe in my ability and I’m dedicated. I just need that extra support and professional environment to step up my fitness, and gain those extra few seconds which count.

Any help, support or donation towards this opportunity would be much appreciated and is another step closer towards my goal for qualifying for the British Athletics Team.

My current achievements of 2019 are:

1. Nottingham XC county champion2.

2.Leicestershire Half marathon Winner

3.Winner of the Nottingham Half Christmas Marathon

4. Nottingham IKano half marathon winner

5. 2nd Place in Leicester 10K

6. Wilne 10K winner

7. Newark Half marathon winner

8. 4th British lady (11th) overall in The Great North Run

9. 5th place in Leeds Abbey Dash (my first race representing England)

10. Telford 10K Female Winner and course record holder 2019

Read an – Interview with Samantha Harrison

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2019 First year of Running Success

Since I started running In September 2018, I’ve achieved great success in such a considerable amount of time and it being completely unintentional. I did my first ever race for the Nottingham half marathon in September 2018 and ever since I’ve just progressed over the last 12-18 months to an elite level athlete now. I now compete on track, half marathons and 10K road races as my main events. I have got to such a high level is such a short time and I want to progress to the highest possible level I can buy having the support and encouragement from others. My achievements for 2019 have been 1. Nottingham XC county champion 2. Leicestershire Half marathon Winner 3. Nottingham IKano half marathon winner 4. 2nd Place in Leicester 10K 5. Wilne 10K winner 6. Newark Half marathon winner 7. 4th British (11th) overall in The Great North Run 8. 5th place in Leeds Abbey Dash (my first race representing England)

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