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Hi we are a small club called Waterford Muaythai.  We are trying to get some funds together to bring some of our junior fighters to the World Championships in August.

In February of this year 5 of our junior fighters travelled to Lithuania to take part in The Baltic Championships.Over 14 countries entered with 227 fighters.

Our 5 fighters brought home 2 gold,3 silver,1 bronze from this competition. Most of our fighters fought opponents that were older,heavier and taller than them.

From this achievement our country came 3rd in this huge competition.As you can imagine travelling does incur costs,as the parents of these special kids we normally fund

these tournaments ourselves. We have now been invited to The World Championships in Bangkok,Thailand of August this year,the cost of travelling and staying in this beautiful

country is extremely high,so we would be very grateful if anyone can help us with funds or sponsorship.Not only do our kids have this fantastic opportunity entering this competition

will start their journey onto The Olympics 2024!! Waterfor Muaythai is a member of IFMA (Irish Federation of Muaythai Ameteurs),which of this year has now been accepted

into The Olympics!!! Our kids are Very excited and cant wait to get started on their Very special journey. Any help you can give us will be extremely appreciated.

Thank you.

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The Baltic Championships

Our biggest achievement this year has been the great result we achieved in Lithuania. Five of our kids achieved 2 gold,2 silver and 1 bronze medal.Our country of Ireland came 3rd between 14 countries and 227 fighters!!! Not only do our kids preform and make us proud internationally,they also perform extremely well inter club competitions. We have World,International and National Champions in our club!!

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