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Hi! My name is Jaquelyn Ogunwale, I am the current British National Champion. I’m 14 years old and tennis has been my passion since I was 5.

So far, I have performed successfully by winning tournaments in Britain and worldwide at every level I have played: National, Tennis Europe and ITF.

At the international stage, I’m proud to have represented my country, Great Britain, as the number 1 player in the winter and summer cups. I have also played in some of the most prestigious junior tournaments in the world, such as Les Petits As – Tarbes , Auray Super 12 and have also been in the final of TenPro international events held at various reputable academies such as, Kim Clijsters Academy and Rafael Nadal Academy.

I am a very hard working and competitive person, who has been gifted with the talent and opportunity to play tennis. I am very confident that I will reach my dreams of becoming world number 1 and winning a Grand Slam title.

However, additional funding is needed to make my dream come true because my family can no longer completely fund my ever growing expenses; I’ve progressed so fast considering my age and the finances are really limiting my tennis at present.

For this year, I need £15,000 to be contributed in order to achieve my Wimbledon aspiration.

These funds will be used for:

  • High level International Tennis Federation events (travel, accommodation, food, entry fees, coaching costs, etc.)
  • Training (personal, squad and fitness, etc.)

My international schedule for the first quarter of 2020 is as follows:

  • ITF Be’er Sheeva, Israel.
  • ITF Tel Aviv, Israel .
  • ITF Chisinau, Moldova.
  • ITF Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • ITF Casablanca, Morocco.

The above mentioned events, along with intensive training will enable me to achieve my goal of playing The Championships Wimbledon Juniors 2020 among other Grand Slam Tournaments and eventually make it to the professional circuit.

That’s why I’m reaching out to ask for the funds that will allow me to fulfill my dreams, so please go ahead and make a contribution and JOIN MY JOURNEY TO THE TOP.

All contributions make a huge difference and are massively appreciated. Thank You!

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British National Championships August 2019

Winner 14U Singles

British Easter Nationals April 2019

Winner 16U girls Singles and 16U girls Doubles

ITF Belgium October 2019

Winner Doubles 18U girls

ITF France December 2019

Winner Doubles 18U girls

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Rising star wins national crown

An up-and-coming tennis star from Hemel Hempstead won a national junior championship on Saturday

Jaquelyn Ogunwale won the 14-and-under girls’ singles crown at the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Junior National Championships – the most highly-regarded competition for junior players in the country...from Berkhamsted Gazette: Rising star wins national crown (click to read article)

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