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Hi there! My name is Tom Squires and I’m a full time Windsurfer training towards the Olympic Games. I am currently ranked 9th in the world and 2nd in the UK. I compete for Great Britain on the World Cup circuit against the best RSX Windsurfers in the world.
Originally from Oxford, I learned to Windsurf with my family at Farmoor Reservoir. I was hooked on this mad sport and loved racing. I quickly progressed through the junior and youth windsurfing pathway for talented young windsurfers. With some hard work and cold, cold winters on the water around the country, I began making some results to propel me to where I am now – the Olympic Development.
I currently train at the 2012 Olympic venue of Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy with other British Sailing Team Athletes, competing on the World Cup circuit. The transition from youth to senior is challenging – I have had my fair share of injuries, problematic equipment and racing battles! I have been starting to push through the past couple of years and am getting closer and closer to the top, challenging some of the best sailors in the world. Its a great feeling pushing forwards and I live for getting to the top, Im definitely addicted!
RSX Windsurfing is an extreme physical and mental challenge. Racing a RSX windsurfer involves reading the wind to make tactical advantages around the course. This, coupled with the physical requirement of adjusting and adapting to the wind and water conditions, is hugely taxing on your body.
The RSX windsurfer is a one design class. Each sailor must compete with standardized and regulated equipment. This means there are no financial advantages, thus making the competition more fair as the results are down to technical skills and fitness.
A complete one design RSX Windsurfer costs €4,700 or £3,880. Equipment ranges from £50 attachments to £2,500 for a board. A years racing includes up to 7 international competitions, typically using 1 board, 3 sails and 2 masts and booms, not including the multitude of battens, universal joints and mast extensions!
Competing at the Olympic Games in Windsurfing is everything to me and I dedicate all my time striving to be the best I can be – changing from a young windsurfer with a dream, to an athlete and a potential Olympian in the future.
Please help me continue my journey towards this immense goal!!
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RSX World Championships 2013, Rio De Janeiro Brazil

4th under 21 and 31st overall

RSX European Championship 2013, Brest France

4th under 21 and 16th overall

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