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Khaled Nasser

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I am an amateur Off-Road Motorcycle rider with lots of passion to the sport of Desert Rallies. I am Egyptian/Canadian almost split my life between the 2 countries. I never had the chance to race professionally as the sport never existed in either countries, but I started practicing it ever since I fully moved to Egypt in 2008.

I participated in a few rally competitions in the past 5 years. One of the best competitions I raced was the Intercontinental Rally in 2017, where I raced from south of Spain to the south of Morocco completing 3,000 Km and finishing 4th among more than 100 racers.

In January 2020, I aspire to do the full Intercontinental Rally starting from south of Spain and ending in Dakar, Senegal, covering a total of 6,000 Km. It is an intense race that takes place on the original tracks of the legendary Paris/Dakar rally. It requires major equipment and preparation in addition to heavy technical support during the race that will exceed €10,000. I am looking to cover at least €5,000 through crowd funding, while I will cover the rest.

I never used crowdfunding, but I decided to post my upcoming challenge hoping to find enthusiasts for such extreme sports to support me to compete in the Intercontinental Rally 2020.

Cheers to you all.

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4th Position in Intercontinental Rally 2017

3rd position in Gouna Rally 2018

5th position in Pyramids Rally 2008

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