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Keenan Koopman

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I have a significant challenge at the moment, in that I need to finance a ticket to get my son Keenan Koopman back to the US in time for school on the 29th August 2019.

There was some confusion with regards to his ticket being open ended, when in fact the return option through a relative in SAA(South African Airlines ) was only available in February 2019.

He is on a scholarship at a boarding school in Massachusetts USA, unfortunately the scholarship excludes flights. Thus far my wife and I have had to pay for flights to and back from the states which has challenged us financially.


He has been doing well at school and is currently a B+ student freshman with an average G.P 3.3.Keenan has also  learned  a new language as in Spanish  with a B average. On the Sports field he has had success with the school soccer team as an outside back in winning the  the inaugural New England  Varsity boys league district  cup for the record  fifth time with Berkshire varsity  boys team .

If need be I can produce the dates of his return as proof as well as his school report as proof of progress.

As a parent its has always been an aspiration of mine to afford my kids opportunities that weren’t afforded to me, in order to enrich their lives and to empower them. If you could consider my request and possibly reply with a favorable response it would mean so much to me.


Our aim is to keep this fund going so that we could assist other African kids on scholarships  in the USA  that has the same problem of getting home for summer in the future as we would love to share our blessing .


Yours sincerely

Theo Koopman(Father  of Keenan Koopman)

Contacts as follows or whatsapp 0614916774
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New England School district Varsity Soccer Champions 2017/18 first year as freshman.Five times achievement .

GP 3.3 consistent all year in his first year at American Private school. Speaks Spanish as new language consistence in achieving a B average . Also made 3rd best Outside back in the district as underclassmen .

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