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On the 10th & 11th August 2019 the Top UK Players are going to compete in:

“The Magnificent 7”

The Players that have agreed to participate in the Event are:

1) Liam Pitchford – World no.17

2) Paul Drinkhall – Recently as high as World no.33

3) Sam Walker – Top 100 in the World Player

4) Chris Doran – former World Hard bat champion.

5) Andrew Baggaley – 3 x National Champion. 3 x World Ping Pong Champion

6) David McBeath 

7) Tom Jarvis

8) * Winner of Knockout Event joins the Magnificent 7*

Most of the top male Table Tennis players in Britain play abroad because there is little finance for the sport in the UK. Hence most of the top players rarely play each other and our young enthusiasts have little to inspire them in the truly fantastic sport of table tennis. It’s been many years since the top players played each other in an everyone v everyone format. Seven players will be invited to play in a group of 8 players, playing 28 matches over the weekend of 10th & 11th August 2019. Play will be on a single show court, in an arena with 600 spectator seats at K2, Crawley. The winner of a Knockout competition held on the Saturday will also be invited to the Invitational event. The winner of the Knockout competition will play The Magnificent 7 on the Sunday.

On the Sunday whilst the show court is hosting the 8 Invitational event players a further 18 tables will be deployed in the remainder of the hall to facilitate 126 amateur players to play events. The 126 players will be split into 18 groups of 7 according to their Table Tennis England ranking and will compete against the other players in the group. Each group of 7 will play 21 matches (best of 5 games each) on their allocated table.  Players playing in these events are encouraged to spectate the Invitational event while they are not playing. Table Tennis England ranking points will be awarded against results as a 2 star event. Table Tennis England fees are included in the price. Events are mixed male and female events.

The Invitational event will be Live streamed with commentary over Table Tennis Daily YouTube & Facebook platform which has over 425,000 followers.

To Finance the project I need support for ALL the playing places and spectator seats. Any other items supported reduces the number of spectators required. Crowd funding is a risk free way of Financing an event as 100% of the money pledged is refunded if the Target is NOT met.

If like me you wish to see this Invitational event happen please support in whichever way you can.

The Referee for the event will be the highly respected Steve Smith.

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Heritage Oil Cup

For 4 years I organized the Heritage Oil Cup which included TV coverage by BT Sport in 2014. Heritage Oil sponsored the event but unfortunately the sponsorship has ended and I have been unable to find an alternative source of funding.

+The Project FAQ's

How will the money be spent?

The budget is as follows: K2 Hall and Arena Build = £5010 Table Hire to Crawley League = £220 Gerflor = £4200 Ticket security x 6 = £1200 Referee expenses = £200 2 x umpire expenses = £100 TTE fees = £500 Master of Ceremonies and Commentary = £800 Live streaming equipment £400 Postage of tickets = £500 Tickets = £120 wrist bands £120 balls = £100 Prize money = £20,000 Platform costs =£1900 contingency = £2650 = £38000

Who Will play?

The confirmed players who have been invited and have accepted the invitation are:: 1) Liam Pitchford - World no.17. 2) Paul Drinkhall - Recently as high as World no.33. 3) Sam Walker - World top 100 player. 4) Andrew Baggaley - 3 x World Ping Pong Champion. 5) David McBeath - has previously beaten players ranked in the top 25 in the world. 6) Chris Doran - semi finalist of World Ping Pong Championships. 7) Tom Jarvis - Young up and coming star player. 8) Winner of Knockout competition. *Should injuries or other unforeseen events occur then players advertised may not be able to attend.

Will I have to pay for parking?

Parking is Free at K2.

Am I required to be a member of an association to be eligible to play in the events?

yes ALL players must hold a valid Table Tennis England license or equivalent license with another member of the ITTF. Players can buy membership on the day if required.

If I do not have a Table Tennis England Ranking how will I be allocated into a group?

Primarily the Table Tennis England ranking list will be used. If a player does not have a TTE ranking then the Referee will make reasonable attempts to evaluate a players standard and will allocate accordingly. The Referees decision will be final.

If I'm playing in the separate events will I still be able to spectate the main event?

Yes. Whilst players are not playing or umpiring their group matches they will be encouraged to spectate the main event. Seats will be available. Players however will be requested to place their sports bags and belongings away from the main stands.

How will the Arena be constructed?

The Arena will be created by a pullout bleacher unit containing 302 seats,18m wide and then opposite there will be 5 portable bleacher units fixed together in total 21.5m wide containing 256 seats. The two additional sides of the court will have 35 free standing chairs on each side making a total availability of 628 seats. A 9m x 18m Gerflor will be laid for the players court.

What will be the timings of the Event?

For the players playing in the groups check in will be from 08:00 with group start times of 09:00. 21 matches are expected to take 11 hours with an expected finishing time of 20:00. The Invitational event starts at 10:00 on Saturday with 14 matches on Saturday and 09:00 with 14 matches on Sunday. Expected finishing time of 20:00 on both days.

How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent in the post and wrist bands will be allocated on arrival. 6 ticket stewards will be checking wrist bands throughout the weekend.

What is the prize fund and how is it distributed?

The prize fund is £20,000 and breaks down as follows: 1st = £8,000 2nd = £3,000 3rd = £2,000 4th = £1,800 5th = £1,600 6th = £1,400 7th = £1,200 8th = £1,000

Will I be able to play both the Saturday events?

No. Players can only enter the Knockout OR the grading group of 7 event.

Will Table Tennis England Ranking points be available?

Yes. All the events will be 2 star rated with the exception of the Invitational which will NOT have ranking points.

What will be the sequence of matches for the Invitation event?

Saturday: 1v7, 2v6, 3v5, 4v7, 1v6, 2v5, 3v4, 7v2, 6v5, 1v4, 3v7 2v4, 5v1, 3v6 Sunday: 8v3, 4v6, 8v1, 7v5, 8v2, 1v3, 8v4, 7v6, 8v5, 2v3, 8v6, 5v4, 8v7, 1v2,

Will the bar be open?

Yes a licensed bar will be open.

Will I have to sign an entry form?

Yes. Entry forms will need to be completed prior to taking part.

What equipment will be used?

The grading event on the Saturday will use 10 x Butterfly 25mm tables & nets. 10 of the grading events on the Sunday will use 10 x Butterfly 25mm tables & nets. All other events Table Manufacturer and type to be confirmed. Balls to be confirmed. Top table flooring to be confirmed.

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