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Hi my name is Joshua McLean i’m a 16 year old Amateur Racing Driver from Warrington.

Where did it all start?

It started when i was only 3 years old, i had a very strong passion for Motorsport and Cars heavily influenced by my Dad. Ever since then i have been interested in anything with an engine, especially cars! I have always been interested in Formula One Driving as it is a very physically and mentally demanding sport. To be able to achieve my goal of becoming a Formula One Driver i need to start the foundation of my journey. The best way to do this is to start where all Formula One drivers started which is Karting. I started a Go Karting at my local indoor track about 2 years ago and have been participating regularly ever since. Competing against some Karter’s who have previously or currently do this as a hobby, since then people have suggested I take the next step into Kart Racing.

Karting is now becoming a very popular sport in the UK and you can do it in almost every city in the UK which means travelling is a key part of a race weekend. Karting can demand a lot of money during a race weekend to supply parts and fuel so you can withstand the harsh race weekend.

My Indoor Karting Achievements;

  • 4th fastest lap of 2014 .
  • 3rd place in my first 50 lap race (out of 20 racers)
  • Topped open time sessions.

Why do i need your help?…

I recently spoke to the Club Chairman of the Cheshire Karting Club, and gained some valuable information. Karting is not cheap and can be very demanding on spare parts and fuel, im currently lacking funding and seeking help to achieve my goal. My final goal is to get into the Formula One and race with some of the best drivers in the world but in order to do this i need to start in Karting to get my name out.

Where will my money go?…

The money raised will go to various parts of my Karting Career, the main one being the Kart it self. Apart from this i will need all the safety wear which can cost a lot. Then  i will need spare parts and fuel for the kart, Finally the remaining money will be used to get me to Karting events and used for entry money for me to compete in those events and remain competitive at the level I am taking part in.

Thank you for your support.

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4th Fastest lap of 2014.

At the end of 2014 i finished 4th on the years total fastest laps and the top 15 people being Karters them selves made it even more of a great achievement.

3rd in my first indoor Go Karting 50 Lap race.

I took part in my first 50 lap race and managed to finish 3rd out of 20 drivers.

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You can keep in touch with me and keep up to date via my social media pages; Instagram - JoshMclean24 Twitter - Joshmcleanspr Facebook - Josh McLean

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