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I was born in Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria and i began my martial arts training at National Stadium, Lagos, Surulere  in years 2005. I started as a contemporary wushu kung fu practitioner at Folly Martial Art Club where i specialized on sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing) under the supervision of Sifu Linus Samuel.  After some years training at FOLLY MARTIAL ARTS CLUB and With my undying love for  Chinese martial arts, i went online in search for Modern  Wushu Forms and Shaolin Wushu Forms.

My love grew more after i discovered many mind blowing forms of the Shaolin Wushu… In 2012, i started practicing Shaolin Wushu through  some videos of Master Shi De Yang of the Shaolin Temple. And am glad i have put several of what i learnt from his videos into practice both public and privately, which some of them has won me some medals and certificates.

Being self tutored in Shaolin Wushu, I have participated in many competitions in Lagos State Nigeria, such as Eko Wushu Talent Hunts, 2012 Ibile Games ( a local government kung fu tournament held in Lagos) where i won a bronze medal for Apapa Iganmu Local Government. am also among those who participated in 2014 Lagos Ibile Games where i emerged as Silver Medalist for Apapa Iganmu Local Government. I participated in the first Chinese Wushu Ambassador Cup which was organized by the Chinese embassy in Abuja and i emerged Silver and Bronze Medalist in Sanshou and Taolu respectively.

In 2017, I founded KUNGFU.COM.NG for the sole purpose of developing Shaolin Wushu and teaching Shaolin Wushu freely to those who love the awesome Chinese Martial Art in Nigeria and to create an atmosphere where all will be Fit, Strong, healthy and and able to defend themselves and their love ones…

I also want to excel as a wushu practitioner both in my country and beyond which i knew my little self knowledge or training can’t get me to that level. This is why am seeking help to travel down to WUSHU SCHOOL /SHOALIN TEMPLE in China to perfect my skill both in modern Wushu and Shaolin Wushu. I wish to spend minimum of 3 months to Maximum of 6 months to study and practice hard in order to achieve my aims…

I will be glad of your help and pledge in the cause of my journey to success…


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