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West London Futsal Club was conceived in 2006, as a result of the considerable success Active Planet found delivering Futsal, to local schools and community groups. With our primary focus being grassroots development, as this is a major part of our vision for futsal in the UK.
In 2007, with the Futsal programme growing steadily, we decided the formation of our own club would facilitate our goal of developing an elite team/club structure, as part of a Futsal development strategy. WLF was born.

After a club re-structure and two long years away from competitive futsal, we will return to National League Futsal for the 2020/21 season, where we will compete in the Premier Division South 2.

A major factor in the decision to return at this time, is the addition to the staff, of 3 former WLF Academy graduates. This is exactly the type of legacy that WLF have always been trying to build and we are excited about the potential these young men will bring to the team.

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