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We are on our way to the next World Championships in Amstetten in Austria 2018. After Celebrating the Winning of the America Cup in 2015 for the first Time ever, our Ladies made the Podium at the Worlds in 2016 in Ritten Italy, what a success that was ……

Now we are ready to aim for Podium again with both Teams Man and Woman, we have strong Players and quite a few extraordinary Talents on our Team this time, so the Hopes are accordingly. We ask for support this way as we are for some reasons not yet eligible for governmental fund’s, in return we offer public exposure to our Sponsors if so wished, not just at our Website ( also nice and visible at the Team-Gear depending the Amount offered.

Icestock Sport is an all year round activity although originated on Ice in medieval times, today are no limitations of the surface to be played, in summer on Asphalt, Concrete, Wood or Tiles so long its a level surface, in Wintertime’s we play on Lakes, Leisure Pads or Hockey Arena’s.

Since 1983 our Federation represents Canada Internationally at World-championships, America Cup’s and European Masters. Icestock is a Heritage to Canada as it is played since the early 19 hundredths by European Immigrants in the Truro Area (NS) as well in Ontario and British Columbia.

The nice part of this Sport is that entire Families can play together from Gran-Pa to gran-child on quite well competitive levels. Since years this sport sees an raise of two digits every year including Athletes of all cultural backgrounds and social aspects of live, one thing to mention is that we are able to include Athletes with special needs in our Team going to Europe, another reason to ask for support this way.

For now thank you for your interest looking forward to hear from you.


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Winner of America Cup in Stocksport in 2015 Barrie/Angus Ontario Canada

Four Nations participated during this International Event, Teams from Paraguay, Brasil, USA and Canada fought for the Title. Our Ladies Team was able to win against very strong playing Brazilians in the Finals.

3rd Place at the World Championships in Ritten Italy

Our Ladies again were able to reach the Podium competing against Teams of 12 Nations in the B-Division (non professional Athletes) The biggest success ever thanks to our Sponsors who took the main load of the Financial burden of our shoulders.

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