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The impact of being a part of a crowdfunding project cannot be underestimated. By choosing to support an athlete/team featured on PledgeSports, it has a significant effect on that athlete/team’s future. A contribution makes the difference between making and breaking a dream. All contributions, regardless of their size brings these sportspeople closer to achieving their goals and living their dreams. As we have mentioned before, the costs of being an athlete can be astronomical, with training, equipment and travel making up the bulk of their expenses. By deciding to support an athlete/team you are directly affecting their career and become a part of their sporting journey.


Former PledgeSports athlete, Paramedic, Powerlifter and Boxer Debbie O’Reilly came to us in order to raise funds to pursue her bright future in these sports. Some weeks after her successful campaign was over, she received an overwhelmingly generous contribution from an individual who wished to remain anonymous. This display of sheer kindness and utter selflessness is the backbone of crowdfunding. The unwavering belief in a person/idea and wanting to be a part of the journey demonstrates the beauty and power of the crowdfunding movement. This example shows crowdfunding in its purest form. By choosing to remain unnamed, this person has allowed Debbie to follow her dreams but has forsaken any recognition for this act of pure altruism. As Debbie wanted to show her appreciation for this significant contribution, she wrote a really touching message on her Facebook page.


As a result of running a crowdfunding campaign with PledgeSports, Irish female tennis No. 1 Amy Bowtell was able to raise funds to travel to tournaments overseas. She went on to win a title in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt earlier this year. Additionally, Amy has been able to travel to North America to compete in Challenger tournaments. She ran a hugely successful project and secured €13,785 through her fundraising efforts. Her initial goal was to raise €10,000 to facilitate training and travelling expenses. Through the great support of commercial sponsors, fans, friends and family, she exceeded her target and has used this money to further her burgeoning tennis career. Currently Amy is playing in a $25,000 Challenger tournament in Canada.

James Cluskey

Fellow tennis ace James Cluskey also achieved over and above his fundraising target. He turned to PledgeSports to raise the money he required to train and travel to tournaments to represent his country. He was looking for an alternative to traditional fundraising methods and was one of the first to sign up to the platform. This paid off for James as his project raised €13,080, again exceeding his €10,000 goal. These funds have enabled James to travel to various tournaments and currently he is playing doubles alongside Mikhail Kukushin in the SkiStar Swedish Open in Bastad, Sweden. Without this vital funding, travelling to events abroad would not be possible.


We were delighted to be a part of a fundraising effort for UK charity “Sail 4 Cancer”. This charity raises money for water-sport respite days and trips for families dealing with cancer. The project received tremendous support and yet again raised more than the target of £3,000. This was a brilliant outcome for the amazing charity and all funds raised will be used to help many families across the UK.

The above are just a few examples that show how crowdfunding has allowed these individuals to excel and progress in their respective sports. They demonstrate just how powerful crowdfunding can be and how it can lead to opportunities that otherwise may have been impossible. By supporting a PledgeSports project, you can be a part of turning a dream into reality.

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