Thank You – Magic Words For Crowdfunding Success


Want Crowdfunding Success? Try These Magic Words.

CROWDFUNDING success or failure in any fundraising campaign could come down to Thank You, Merci, Danke, Grazie.

These are magic words in the world of all crowdfunding – not just sports crowdfunding. They show you appreciate the sponsorship and support people are giving you. They show you are actively dedicated to your crowdfunding campaign and they have the power to snowball your sports funding.

Oh yes, now you’re listening. Here’s how that magic happens:


Make Your Thank Yous Count

Okay so Jane Smith donates to your crowdfunding campaign. She’s all smiley because she’s just helped fund an athlete’s dream, and she’s all ready to cheer you on at the Olympics when her crowdfunding donation gets you there.

But Jane is a modest athlete sponsor. ¬†She’s not going to shout about her generosity; she’s happy to be proud on the inside.

Step up to the plate Crowdfunder! Get on all your Facebook pages, every one of them, and update your status with love for Jane and her support. Tag Jane in these posts and pop in a link to your campaign.

You know why? Because Jane has tonnes of followers who think like she does and also want to see your sports crowdfunding campaign succeed.

You are a committed, talented athlete and everyone you know wants to see you live your dreams, but unless you tell them how they can do that, they might miss out on the opportunity.

Don’t be modest like Jane! Get success in your sport. Start with Crowdfunding Success

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