Athlete Of The Week: Trish Train

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Every Friday we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Athlete of the Week”.

IMG_8093This week’s winner is the inspirational Trish Train, who at 50 years of age has given up smoking 35-40 cigarettes a day and been selected as a half-marathon runner to represent the Isle Of Wight at the 2017 Gotland Games.

Trish has an incredible story which shows that anyone, at any point in their lives, can turn things around and lead a healthy, active lifestyle. We believe she is the perfect example to women of all ages who want to get outside and get fit in 2017!

In her teens, Trish turned to cigarettes as a method of defeating her food issues and losing weight. She admits that what started as an occasional thing soon escalated out of control. Fast forward to recent years and Trish was suffering repeated bouts of bronchitis.

With a carbon monoxide reading double that of your typical heavy smoker, a frightened Trish realised it was time to quit smoking or she would be lucky to even reach 50.

IMG_8092In 2012, two years free from smoking, Trish began to run and she hasn’t looked back since! She was introduced to Parkrun by her sister, before working up the courage to join her local running club, Isle Of Wight Road Runners.

Under the watchful eye of her coach, Geoff Watkin, Trish has excelled at the sport. Consistently building up her fitness, Trish is dedicated to always improving her running and, most importantly, always enjoying her active lifestyle.

In 2015, leaving her sit-down job and joining the Royal Mail was a huge turning point for Trish. Navigating the hilly walks on her daily rounds have boosted her fitness and her times across all distances from 5k to marathon have improved as a result.

Trish Train is part of the Isle Of Wight team who will compete at the 2017 Gotland Games. Athletes for this event are entirely self-funded, so Trish needs your support if she is to continue her amazing story.

Click here to visit Trish’s fundraising page and help her get to the games this year.


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