Why Athletes Should Use a Website to Attract Sponsors

We see crowdfunding as the first step toward securing athlete sponsorship. Social media allows athletes to leverage the power of posting quality, popular content in order to find sponsors and get funded.

In crowdfunding with PledgeSports, athletes can take charge of their futures.

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Why Athletes Should Use a Website to Attract Sponsors for Sports Events

athletetrainingSports participation costs money and if you are an aspiring athlete who wishes to train and compete in events, this will cost you in the region of $20,000 for fencing or $25,000 for archery per annum (Forbes Estimates, 2012).

Although government funding is available, the assistance is often not enough to pay for all the costs of training, camps, uniforms and travels. Athletes rely on their personal finances or dig into the pockets of parents and relatives.

However, it is a shame that the main reason why an athlete cannot compete is due to lack of money. One way to raise funds is to use a website to promote athletes and secure financing.

Websites Have a Wide Reach

coolrunningsCrowdfunding has evolved from a unique way to raise money for a business idea to finding funds to support athletes. Several campaigns have sprouted in the run-up to the Winter Games of 2014, for example.

By using websites, the chances of getting funding are high with half of the world’s population (3.5 billion) connected to the Internet in 2017 based on the ‘We Are Social’ and ‘Hootsuite’ annual report. Social media participation is also up by 8% according to the same report.

Need an example? Check out the most successful team crowdfunding from Rio 2016!

Social media participation is also up by 8% according to the same report. Sport is a niche market by itself and using the web is an effective way to generate financial support.

Does Not Cost A Tonne of Money to Make a Pitch

Al 16Pitching an idea to a crowdfunding platform will not cost you a lot of money. You will need to make a strong case, perhaps add videos to appeal to a wide audience and offer something in return whether it’s a day with the sponsors, personalised shirts or endorsements.

Check out how one ultra runner gave his supporters creative, branded t-shirts!

What is important is to make the initial pitch attention-grabbing and engaging. You can tell a story about yourself and why you believe that you are going to succeed.

Generates Extra Funds

There are several websites that can help showcase your talents and appeal for funds. If you can find one where your pitch continues to be shown online, even after the campaign has finished, then you are likely to get extra sponsorships from people who are inspired by your story.

Successes Are Posted Online for Sponsors and Others to See

CFInnerCircleAnother advantage of using websites for sponsorship is that your progress and success are posted online for others to see. You might get important breaks from people who see your accomplishment as an inspiration.

While websites are fantastic ways to generate funds and sponsorships, do not forget to tap your network of family, friends and work colleagues who might be interested in helping you finance your competition or athletic event.

In addition, using all other routes including snail mail and emails can help your cause as every little thing counts to complete the bigger picture.


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