Is it time to move gyms?

Is your 3-times-a-week exercise routine a distant memory? Are you paying a fortune for your infrequent visits to the gym? Tempting though it is to throw in the exercise towel, a change of scene could be all you need to get your fitness routine back on track.  If your current gym isn’t inspiring you to stick with your exercise plan, then it’s definitely worth taking a look elsewhere.


 Signs you need to move gyms

If your gym isn’t working for you it may be time to move. Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

  • The staff aren’t welcoming
  • The gym is overcrowded
  • The equipment has seen better days
  • It takes too long to get there
  • There isn’t any free parking
  • You’re making more excuses to give the gym a miss


What to look for in a new gym

If your current gym isn’t inspiring you, it doesn’t mean another one won’t. Do some research and visit some of the other gyms in your area. Here are 10 things you will need to consider

Does the gym offer a wide variety of fitness classes?

Alternating or supplementing your gym routine with the odd class can help to prevent your routine from becoming a bore. Always choose a gym that offers classes as well.

Do they offer personal training? 

Self-motivated gym routines are often destined for failure. A personal trainer could be just what you need to challenge yourself and keep your fitness routine going for longer. Here are 10 very good reasons why you may wish to hire a personal trainer. If you would prefer a female personal trainer, check that they have one.

Is there a healthy snack bar to grab a post workout bite to eat? 

A snack bar is handy if you intend to go to the gym before work or in your lunch hour. Choosing between a gym work out and buying lunch is never a good idea. Killing both birds with one stone is. Eating after a workout is important. Here’s why.

Are there extra facilities and membership privileges you can buy into?

Choosing a gym that is part of a health club may be more expensive, but will give you access to additional facilities, such as a swimming pool, a sauna, hot tub, steam room and sports courts such as tennis, badminton and squash. An upmarket health club will likely have a restaurant and spa facilities too. Now there’s no excuse not to go.

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How good are the workout machines and gym equipment?

When you are looking for a new gym, always check out how many members the club has and if the equipment is good quality and sufficient. If you use free weights, are there enough sets to prevent queuing? Another consideration is the view from the running machines and exercise bikes. It makes working out a whole lot easier if there’s a decent view.


Can your whole family join?

If you have children, going to the gym is a useful weekend activity for the whole family. It’s a great way to ensure you keep up with your routine and instil healthy habits into your kids.

What is the cost?

Work out what you can reasonably afford and what you are prepared to pay for your gym membership. You will generally get what you pay for, with cheaper gym memberships offering smaller spaces and less equipment. More expensive health clubs tend to have large gyms and plenty of other fitness facilities. If you already pay for swimming at your local pool on a regular basis, it may be worth paying the extra for a gym or health club with a pool.

Do you choose a gym close to home or close to work?

Choosing a gym close to work or home should make it easier for you to stick to a gym routine, especially in the winter months when making a special journey out in the evening is harder to stick to. If a quick workout on the way home from work would suit you, then a gym close to your place of work is best. However, if you fit most of your exercise in at the weekend, a gym closer to home would suit you better.

According to a report by the MailOnline, people who drove 4 miles or less to the gym from their home went five times or more per month, whereas those who commuted five or more miles to the gym went on average once in a month. Distance is worth thinking about.

What are the opening hours?

If your preferred time to get to the gym is early before work or late in the evening, be sure to check what time the gym opens and closes. It’s also worth checking if they open on bank holidays. You want to grab as many potential extra gym workout dates as you can.

What are the clientele like?

Try and visit your gym at the potential times you would like to fit in your workout routine. It’s important you feel comfortable with the gym’s existing clientele. You can usually tell straight away if there’s a friendly atmosphere. Don’t sign up to anywhere you don’t feel comfortable. No matter how good the equipment is, if you don’t feel welcome, your routine will fall at the first hurdle.

Hope you get your gym routine back on track soon!

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