Charity skydiving: what you need to know

Are you thinking of raising money for charity with some sort of event or challenge? Why not give skydiving a try? Skydiving is one of the ultimate fundraising challenges because it wills people to donate on the basis that they don’t think they would be able to do it. Being brave and doing the jump yourself can raise a large amount of money for a charity that either affects you personally or you would simply like to lend a helping hand to. So, if you are considering doing a sponsored skydive, here are some of the thins that you need to know.


Why skydive for charity?

Completing a charity skydive is both doing something for a great cause and a truly memorable experience that will stay with you forever. Travelling thousands of feet up in an aeroplane is a relatively common experience for many people – but jumping out of it is not! Your courage in the face of something that many people wouldn’t be able to do can generate a lot of publicity for your charity and allow you to raise more money than you might expect.

If a skydive is something that you have been thinking about doing anyway this is a good reason for you to finally take the plunge. The fact that you will be fulfilling a dream can be a secondary reason after the money you will raise for your chosen cause.

Will I be able to handle skydiving?

Of course, this is a question that only you can answer. Skydiving is undoubtedly a true thrill seeker’s activity and many people might believe that they aren’t brave enough to do it. But pushing yourself to limit and doing something you didn’t think you could is all part of the reason that people will be happy to sponsor you – it is for charity, after all.

If you’re not sure whether you would enjoy the feeling itself, it is possible to book yourself on an indoor skydiving experience beforehand to get the chance to see how it affects you. There are lots of wind tunnels for you to try, such as these at UK experience provider Into the Blue. If it’s the heights that you are worried about, remember that some people who are afraid of heights aren’t actually badly affected by skydiving – ironically because you are so high up.

Remember that finding out how well you can handle skydiving is all part of the fun of the event – the vast majority of people who try it out love the adrenaline rush that it provides and look back on it as a positive experience, especially if you know that your skydive raised money for a charity that is close to your heart.

Setting up a fundraising page

Once you have made the decision to take on a charity skydive you will need to put the plans in motion and this means setting up a fundraising page.

Of course, you might wish to run a traditional offline campaign. But remember that fundraising pages can track all of this information too and you can even add funds that you have received offline to your page. So, it is definitely worth setting up an online campaign for this. It is worth checking with your charity to see if they recommend a particular site for fundraising for them.


Book with plenty of time in advance

It should be noted that some people like to set a general date for their skydive and then think that they can simply book to go around that time on a day that they are feeling confident. But it is definitely not a good idea to try to do this. Firstly, having a set date in the calendar for your skydive gives you something to plan towards for your fundraising goal. Not having it there confirmed can sometimes allow your motivation to do it to slip away.

Secondly, remember that skydiving experiences can get booked up a long time in advance which could mean that when you come to book your session, the time you want is not available. So, make sure your book yourself in for skydiving and then begin the fundraising.

Examples of successful sports crowdfunding projects

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