The 10 most enjoyable Solo sports

Some people love playing on a team and being part of it’s ups downs and bonding, other prefer individual sports where you are solely relying on yourself rather than a team, then there are other sports that you can do and play on your own, without any opponent!

For the purpose of this article we are referring Solo sports as a sport that you can play or do on you own, and a sport that doesn’t require an opponent.  Therefore sports like tennis and boxing are excluded as they are not much fun without someone to hit back!

All the below solo sports can be done on your own for leisure or training, they can be done completely solo or with a companion (dogs allowed), all are more fun do do with a friend or training partner, but if you can find one worthy then all the below can be enjoyed regularly solo.

All the below are suitable for the current corona virus social distancing rules, depending if your country is in lockdown or not.

The mental benefits of playing sport

Wind Surfing

solo sports - windsurfing

Tom Squires

We’re going to focus on water based sports first.  For wind surfing, all you need to have access to water which can be on a lake or sea and some wind of course!

Kite Surfing

Takes a while to learn this one but once you master it, it’s highly addictive!  You could literally spend hours out on a lake or at sea kite surfing.

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solo sports


Another great sport that contains the word surf, surfing can be done for hours at a time, it’s a great way to relax and serious exercise, big wave surfing can be a dangerous sport so be careful.

Paddle Boarding

Solo Sports - SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, known as SUP  is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the most versatile of all board sports.  SUP’s can be used in flat water, rivers and rapids, touring, racing and surfing.  And more recently there is SUP fishing and even SUP yoga.  Here’s a guide to stand up paddle boarding.

Kayaking/ Canoeing

Both these boat sports are similar to SUP when it come to versatility, but for the most fun, get out on a fast flowing river!


Solo sports

Aleks Kaskefi who ran solo from Norway to Tarifa in Spain

Easily the most popular solo sport, running is accessible to most and can be done on any surface or location from cities to mountains.  The physical and mental benefits of running are well documented,  all you need is a pair of runners and you’re off, and if you happen to live near a beach then you don’t even need shoes!

Choosing the right running shoe for different surfaces


Solo Sports - Cycling

Cycling in Aspen Colorado

The second most popular solo sport, cycling can be done an exercise, for leisure and has become a massively popular form of transport. If you want to look at something a little more extreme, here are some of the toughest races in the world.


Climbing can offer some truly spectacular locations around the world, here’s our bucket list of climbing destinations.  If you want to try a real extreme sport, try Ice Climbing!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking for many is far more exhilarating than road cycling, you got mountains, fresh air, beautiful scenery and that down hill adrenaline.

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