Why Physical Education Is Necessary For Every Student


As surprising as it may sound, statistics show that most Australian youths between the ages of 5 and 17 are physically inactive. Despite the numerous new policies, campaigns, and promotions for Australians to undertake physical activities in school, not many show interest.

As a result, more and more students are prone to becoming obese due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. But, why is physical education important aside from having a good paper writer and staying fit?

4 Important Benefits of Physical Education

 There are many benefits of physical education that students, particularly in Australia, should know about. These benefits can do a lot for their physical and mental health.

Paying extra focus on physical education in schools is a must if students want to get excellent results. No wonder why so many schools try to inspire students to take part in various physical activities. It’s all about improving their quality of life and helping them overcome the daily stress of school work.

Here are the many ways physical education can help improve the lives of students no matter their age.

1.   Boosts Students’ Concentration and Focus

It’s all about keeping a healthy mind and body, and exercise can do just that. Many students in Australia often underestimate the importance of physical fitness and think it’s just a waste of time. They would rather spend that on writing a difficult assignment, rather than exercise. Sometimes their tasks are so hard they need expert help with assignments. With such time-consuming tasks, it’s no wonder why students need homework help to have more time to do anything else. But, science shows why physical education is important, and that is a worthwhile investment. The more students exercise, the more their brain will work efficiently, engaging a particular section of the brain called Basal Ganglia that will help students stay focused during class. They can concentrate better and won’t have the need to use distractions such as their phone or tablet. 

2.   Aids in Proper Development and Growth

Almost every child today munches on unhealthy processed foods, Australian students are no exception. The reason why physical education is important is that it inspires children to eat healthy if they want to excel in sports. The more healthy foods a student eats, the lower the chance of becoming obese or having blood pressure problems.

Instead, students will burn all that fat and gain a ton of energy. Their cartilage and bones will develop healthy and strong. Such exercises that boost development and growth in students are:



        Monkey bar-activities

        Hula hoops

        Riding bikes

3.   Helps Students Overcome Anxiety and Stress

For every student, life at school is pretty hectic. There are a ton of activities to do, lectures to listen, and homework to finish. With all the constant pressure, students easily become stressed or anxious. Maybe because they got a bad grade or had a disagreement with the teacher, whatever the reason may be, this stress will hinder their ability to focus and reduce their academic performance.

In cases such as these, the importance of physical education becomes more evident. When students exercise, they get the opportunity to de-stress. Such activities provide the brain and lungs with additional oxygen that de-stresses the system.

Mental and physical benefits of exercise

4.   Gives Students a Positive Outlook on Life

When students engage in physical activities, they often work as a team. They learn from their peers, take on responsibilities, and are responsible for their actions. The reason why physical education is important is to give students a goal to work on. Their minds are fully engaged in these activities and learn to value their time. They will also be more competitive and cooperative than other students.

That’s why those who exercise often are more motivated and eager to achieve something or excel in life since they are inspired to become better. Maybe in the future, they will want to create their own sports campaign online to try and become a professional athlete.

While the students who decide to be idle and not exercise at all are more prone to negative thoughts, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

Quick Summary

The benefits of physical education in schools are evident, particularly in Australia. This kind of physical activity helps students develop as they grow older and become the best versions of themselves. Everyone should be well aware of the importance of exercise and why students of all ages should start actively participating in these activities. Not only will it help them stay fit, but it will also boost their mental health as well.

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