The Most and Least Popular NFL Teams 2020


With all due respect to the NBA, MLB, NHL, and other leagues and associations, the NFL is the most famous game in the United States. While the other games are incredibly famous and widely followed, none of them compare to the NFL.

That is why out of 10, eight of the most-watched events in the history of the United States were Super Bowls.

But other than sports, football has also made its way into people’s lives. For instance, watching the Super Bowl has become a tradition on Thanksgiving Day for many people.

However, there are a few NFL teams that rank higher in popularity than the others. Let’s take a quick look at the top five most and least famous NFL teams for the 2020 season. 

The Most Popular

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Seattle Seahawks

The Cowboys is among the highest valued franchises in the world, which is why it’s no surprise that they are at the top of the list for the 2020 season. However, not giving Dak Prescott a long term contract, that he deserves, might cost them their place as the first sooner or later. 

The Patriots were an incredible team, which is why they ranked a close second. However, they don’t have Tom Brady anymore, and that can massively lower their popularity ranking by the end of the season. That will tip the scales for the least popular teams as well.

The Steelers and the Packers have a long history and are powerhouses. No matter what the end results are, their popularity with the fans is somewhat steady. But the Steelers are higher because they have the Big Ben on their side. Even though there are some red flags about Roethlisberger for this season, fans hope that they will see the Big Ben they’ve come to know and love. That’s why there is a shift going on in the sports betting lines.

With a quarterback like Russel Wilson for this season, the Seahawks take the fifth place on the popularity board. There is no other quarterback that continuously does more with less than Wilson. 

The Least Popular

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Cincinnati Bengals 
  5. Buffalo Bills 

The Jaguars are at the end, which is not surprising considering the fact that they already have numerous issues with the stars clashing with the management. 

The place of Tampa Bay Buccaneers needs to be much higher than the next to last in terms of popularity. Since Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski arrived, the Buccaneers have gotten a significant boost.

The Titans and the Bengals haven’t done much to get higher, which is why they probably belong at the third and fourth to last in the popularity list.

Seeing as the Bills Mafia is an extremely loyal fan base, and their exploits are legendary on game days, seeing Buffalo Bills at the fifth to last place is kind of a shock.

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