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How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning From Betting on Jockeys 

Typically, horse racing can be one of the most popular sports to bet on in the U.S. and other countries worldwide. People who watch a jockey riding a horse racing usually place a wager on it. However, not all of them win. Some only bet a smaller amount as a form of entertainment, so they don’t mind the outcome. For those people who take betting on jockeys seriously, on the other hand, there are plenty of ways to maximize your overall payouts.  

So, if you’re looking to increase your winning opportunities, below are the tips you can use from the get-go:  

Learn More About The Jockey 

One of the best strategies to improve your chances of winning from betting is to know more about the jockey. It’s possible to find a good horse losing a race because of the one riding on them. In short, the jockey’s incompetence can contribute to the chances of your bet.  

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Because of this, you should do a little research about the jockey. Get familiar with their professional horse racing experience, skills, and expertise by knowing the number of horse races they’ve won through the years. Also, find out whether the jockey you want to bet on uses some racing strategies to improve their winning chances. Remember, the more you know the jockey you want to place a wager on, the better you can determine their chances of winning the race.  

However, if you need help finding a worthy wager in the jockey market, you can check out the 2020 Kentucky Derby jockey odds. This information can help you see what sort of value you can obtain from your bets.  

Many long-time bettors rely on horse racing track programs to assist them in deciding which jockeys to bet on. This increases their chances of winning in horse betting. Race track programs contain schedules, rules, strategies, and a wealth of information, especially for new bettors trying their luck. Some race programs have anonymous tipsters disguised in aliases who share vital tips and forecasts to help guide you in betting. What’s even more useful is they contain information including the owners and trainers to help you analyze whether the horse the jockey will ride is well cared for and under excellent management. 

Some derbies also provide a daily racing form, which contains past performances of the horse as well as useful articles related to the day’s event that could help bettors with choosing where to place their bets. Coming from seasoned bettors, you might want to remember that the top ten riders in the jockey standings usually win 90 % of the races during an event.

Consider The Ability Of The Horse To Win 

When betting on jockeys, it’s important to consider the horse’s ability to win a particular horse race. Realistically, you can’t always make a wager on the top jockey on the race just because they’re the best in the industry.  

While it’s true that jockeys can play a significant role in increasing your winning opportunities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most skillful ones will win at all times. An experienced jockey can ruin the horse’s chances of winning if the horse isn’t primed to win. That’s because they can’t always make the horse run very well beyond the animal’s natural running ability.  

Therefore, if you’re looking to take advantage of your bet on jockeys, take the horse’s ability to win. Always take note that the best and most skillful jockey in horse racing isn’t always the automatic winner. Even if you give the best jockey on a worse horse, there’s still a chance that it might not hit the board and possibly not win the race.   

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Factor In The Jockey Racecourse Record 

When betting in a horse race, you might’ve heard the ‘horses for courses’ mantra. This slogan, on the other hand, also applies in jockey betting. 

Some jockeys are more comfortable riding at specific tracks and hate the others. Having said that, you should consider the rider’s familiarity with the track before making a wager on them; knowing the track they’ll race on can determine how well they’ll perform.  

That’s why if you really want to improve your chances of winning from betting, check out which jockeys can do well in the racetrack you’re in. That way, you can rest knowing the rider you bet on has the potential to win the race.   

Manage Your Betting Money Properly 

Betting on jockeys isn’t always about the rider. Sometimes, if you want to get more winning opportunities, you need to learn how to manage your betting money properly. While it’s true that the more you make a wager on the jockey, the higher your chance of winning will be, this isn’t definitely an absolute outcome.  

Depending on how you handle your betting money, you can either win or lose your wager. Hence, if you want to ensure winnings than losses, it’ll be a smart move to calculate the odds of winning and not to bet all your money in one go. Also, avoid letting your emotions overpower you as they can influence you to make unwise betting decisions.   


Betting on which jockey will be successful over a series of races can be an exciting experience. But, without effective betting strategies in place, you can easily drain your money in the long run. Therefore, if you’re looking to increase your chances of winning from betting on jockeys, keep these tips in mind. This way, you’ll become more confident in taking your bets to the next level.   

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