The best sports to improve your flexibility

Flexibility is more important for our health than we may think. To help you understand that, at Pledge Sports we have decided it is necessary to take a deep look at the benefits of being supple for your body as well as to create a list of better sports to improve your flexibility. Your body and mind will appreciate it!

Physiologically, flexibility is the ability of a joint or a group of joints and muscles to move through their complete range without restrictions or pain. Being flexible produces so many physical benefits as keep your body working well in general. Stretching your muscles and joints leads to improved balanced, recovery better, and withstand physical stress, and, consequently, avoid injury.

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If your muscles have the right amount of tension you will experience fewer aches and pains because they will be strong enough to support your daily life. We must also mention its mental benefits. When you stretch, you relieve stress by releasing tension. Summarizing, flexibility improves mobility, coordination, posture, and reduces the risk of muscle soreness. It is worth dedicating time to increase flexibility. By being aware of this, which are the best sports to get that?


So many people think you cannot practise yoga if you are not already flexible. But it is a myth. Flexibility can be improved and it is something you have to work on. It needs focus, mental strength, and persistence yoga is perfect to learn to use the breath, be aware of our body, and be patient.

Yoga uses a range of poses that help you to gain flexibility. Poses held for several rounds of breath serve to connect to the muscle tissue, encouraging it to stretch and relax. It is the whole body and mind approach that makes yoga one of the best ways to gain flexibility and not just by doing some poses.

The difference between yoga and pilates

Practise yoga regularly and you will obtain all the benefits we are talking about. Nowadays, we have got access to many virtual classes on Youtube, for example. However, the best way to work on your flexibility by doing yoga is in a real class because an expert will instruct you on the safest form to boost flexibility.

How to get started with Yoga


Pilates is based on dynamic and static stretching exercises that prevent muscle shortening, reduce muscle pain, contractures, and promote flexibility. The best way to increase flexibility is through stretching, so Pilates provides an excellent workout for it as well as improve strength and balance at the same time.

The best stretches for flexibility

Nearly all of the exercises you practice during pilates sessions boost your flexibility because of the slow and deliberate stretching that is performed. There are some small muscle groups ignored in other workouts. However, in pilates you work on your whole body and even small muscle groups are considered. Pilates is a safe method to improve the flexibility of the back, hips, hamstrings, front-body, and side-body.


Swimming is not as effective as yoga or pilates to gain flexibility, but it is also a good sport to improve it because of the range of motion your joints and muscles require to achieve maximum power and speed. While you are swimming you are stretching your whole body which made your joints flexible and helps recovery. Swimming strengthens muscles of the core and that helps support and stabilize the body for better balance.

The other benefits of swimming

Tai chi

Tai chi is a low-impact, slow-motion exercise ideal for people of all ages and physical conditions who seek to achieve flexibility. It can boost upper and lower body flexibility as well as strength. In general, regular exercise of any kind can help to stay flexible. But these sports we mentioned will be very helpful if you are looking to improve your flexibility specifically. Being supple will have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Work on it!

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