Everything You Need to Know Before Betting in The Kentucky Derby

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The Kentucky Derby is one of the most awaited horse-racing events every year. It’s the fastest horse-betting action wherein horses are expected to finish the race within two minutes or less. Hence, it was dubbed as the “fastest two minutes activity and most exciting two-minute sports event.”

In 2021, the event will take place on the first Saturday of May, exactly clocked on the 1st of the month; 6:50 PM at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. Of the Triple Crown races, the Kentucky Derby is the first racing episode of the event, followed by the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes afterward. 

Short Guide to Kentucky Derby

Even if you can’t be in Louisville at the sporting event, you can still place your bets. Whether you are in Kentucky to enjoy the race or at the comfort of your home, choosing the winning horse is crucial in placing your wager. 

By clicking here, you’ll get brief betting options in the Kentucky Derby. Thus, you must be fully aware of the Kentucky Derby betting types and which one will suit your level. 

Placing a Bet with the Three Standard Wagers

There are three major classifications of placing a bet for you to select from. And, these wagers are the “win,” “place,” and “show” bets. It’s hard to be confident in telling what horse will win but to thoroughly know these main bet types is essential to help you choose the best horse before the race starts. 


1. Win. It is considered the most straightforward bet with the highest payoff due to its difficulty. This simply means that the horse you have placed your bet on must certainly win, take the first place, in order to get paid. Wagering on the horse is as fun as what you think while analyzing well before the race starts, plus it will even make your horse-betting experience more exciting if you win the largest wager.

2. Place. If you are not sure that your chosen horse will win, then you can select the top two spots it could take. Your chosen horse must either place second or first for you to get paid in this wager. The place bet covers the possibility of either choice, allowing you to cash in when your horse places top two. 

3. Show. This is the safest and the easiest way to place your bet but with the least payoff. This wager gets you paid once the horse you picked won either first, second, or third. It gives you the highest chance of winning. However, the payout is smaller than win or place bets.

Betting on Using the Exotic Wagers

Aside from the classic and purest forms of bets mentioned above, you can be more exotic in placing your wager in the Kentucky Derby. These wagering types consist of placing a bet on two or more horses. Compared to three standard wagers, using the exotic wagers is more challenging to hit, but it can really pay off horseplayers pretty well. 


1.Exacta. It is the oldest exotic bet that requires you to choose the top two horses to finish the race in the exact order. If you’re already pro in win, place, and show bets, attempt using exacta. It may be harder compared to the three standard wagers, but it gives off a higher return.

2. Trifecta. To elevate another level of difficulty in placing your bet, you can try trifecta. This requires bettors to choose the top three horses to finish the race. The horses you have chosen must place first, second, and third within the exact order in order for you to take a win.

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3. Superfecta. Stepping another level higher, this wager requires horseplayers to correctly pick the top four horses to finish the race. Due to this wager’s challenge, it only allows bettors to place 10 cents only, granting them the chance to wager different combinations.

4. Super High 5. If you master the art of betting and you think you can select the top five finishers in exact order, then this wager is the one for you. In some tracks, whenever no one hits the Super High 5, its wagering pool will be carried over in the following race. This wagering type is available, with the condition that the jackpot prize for the next round is split on the winning players. Different minimum amounts for wager may apply.

However, if selecting the finishers in the exact order sounds difficult for you, you can opt to “box” your bet. This means that you will win regardless of the order as long as your top choices are placed in either spots depending on the type of exotic wager you have chosen.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in full swing to place your Kentucky Derby bets this year, you must be fully aware of the betting types to choose the winning horse and the right combinations. Create your unique ways of analyzing the factors before you put your high hopes on the horse to ensure you will hit the highest payoff. Remember, the higher the wager’s difficulty, the higher the return you can win. 

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