Premier League Could Change Rules to Prevent Future Super League

In terms of the immediate future, the proposed Super League appears to be dead in the water. However, if you ask around in football circles, many will tell you that the concept, however it is put together, is certainly not gone. 

If you want any evidence of this then look at a move which the Premier League are trying to put in place. This would prevent teams who join any kind of Super League from playing in the Premier League, so if someone goes, that would be the only competition they play in, they would be banned from domestic football. 

The move shows the strength of feeling within the Premier League, but also shows just how much they are worried by this, and how they want to protect themselves. Fans were not happy about the prospect of a closed shop and meaningless games. Whether you are a punter using betting apps UK to place bets and watch games, or a fan of one of the big teams, no one wants games that have no meaning to them. Football is so great because it is competitive and because anyone can win. 

Prevention of Future Plans

It is fair to say that over the weekend when the Super League news broke, many people were caught off guard. From UEFA to FIFA, domestic leagues like the English Premier League and senior officials within the game did not expect this and were not prepared to prevent anything from happening.

Plans put forward would enable these people and organisations to be better prepared in the future and have the immediate measures to either stop this from happening or kick out the teams involved. 

The key to all of this in the future is a rule within the Premier League handbook, known as rule L9. This lists the competitions in which Premier League clubs are allowed to play in, alongside their Premier League duties. Prior to this move by the six clubs and their European counterparts, no one had really heard of rule L9, now it could become the biggest and most important rule of the game, not only in England but around the world. You can expect to hear a lot more about this rule in the future sports news as teams from both sides battle it out. 

Under the rule at the moment, there is a door open where some kind of Super League could be created, and teams from the Premier League could join while maintaining their status in the domestic league.

Premier League head Richard Masters has now made the removal of this rule from the rulebook as his main focus and priority. That would mean that any club who wishes to join any form of breakaway in the future would not be able to do so while they were members of the Premier League. This wouldn’t stop them from joining of course, but would prevent them from playing in both competitions, so the Super League, or whatever it was called when returning, would be the sole competition that these teams would play in.

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