The Popularity of Cricket: Why India Love This Sport So Much

Cricket may not seem like one of the most popular sports out there but it actually is. It is considered the second most popular sport worldwide next to soccer and it has billions of audiences worldwide. When it comes to where this sport is mainly popular, it is in countries like Australia, Pakistan, and India. This is why it makes sense why it is the second most popular sport as it is big in countries with a huge population.

With that big of an audience, cricket has also become one of the most wagered on sports in the best sports betting sites out there. Many fans just can’t help but place their bets on their favorites every time a big match is on like the Cricket World Cup.

The 2019 Cricket World Cup has been one of the biggest cricket events in history with over 2.6 billion views. It has been labeled as the most-watched cricket tournament ever where England was able to win the final match against New Zealand.

India’s Love for Cricket

When it comes to where this sport is most popular, it simply has to be in India. Indians have so much love for this sport even if their national sport is hockey. Whenever a big cricket match is on, it is likely that you’ll see the usually busy streets of India almost empty.

This is also a sport that you can spot anyone playing on the streets. Cricket coaching centers are also spread throughout the country. India has also produced legendary cricket players like Rahul Dravid, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sourav Ganguly.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is proof of how big this sport is in the country. It is an international stage where local and foreign players go on the field to show everyone what they got. It is one of the most-awaited cricket tournaments each year.

The IPL has been challenged by the pandemic and you can tell that people love this sport so much that it still had to push through despite the health crisis. Last year, the IPL was able to finish a season in the UAE with a bio-secure bubble. It was a success and this year, the event was able to come back to India.

The Board of Cricket Control in India or the BCCI who is in charge of the IPL is the one that decided to bring the major cricket tournament back to its hometown as the pandemic seemed to already be under control. However, no one was just really able to predict how bad the situation will be during the last months of April.

Before the month of May came in, the highest number of daily COVID 19 cases in the country was reported and India was already experiencing another wave of the virus. At first, the BCCI was confident that the IPL will remain undisturbed by the situation. This was the case until the bubble was breached. 

Players and staff members in the 2021 VIVO IPL bubble began to test positive for the virus. Eventually, the BCCI and the IPL committee had to hold an emergency meeting which led to the decision to just immediately postpone the rest of the season.

What happened this year to the IPL just shows how much the country cares for this sport. Despite the sudden rise of COVID 19 cases in the country, the BCCI didn’t move to immediately suspend the matches. Many see this as ridiculous but most were still hopeful that the IPL will be uninterrupted because somehow, watching the matches is a great way for them to deal with the pandemic. 

What Makes Cricket So Interesting? 

And so, if you haven’t seen a cricket match before, you’re probably wondering why this is so popular in the first place. Generally, it could be because of how simple it is played out. It is somewhat similar to baseball but the players are using different sports equipment.

It’s also for hardcore sports fans who wouldn’t mind watching a match for a whole day. Cricket matches last long and it is something enjoyable to watch if you’re having a day off. Nothing would beat watching a cricket match with a cup of coffee or multiple bottles or mugs of beer.

Cricket matches are also not shy of drama.  Who doesn’t get intrigued by drama, right? Cricketers themselves are so passionate about what they do that sometimes, the steam of passion causes heat on the field. Let’s face it, it’s always a delight to see professional athletes causing fights or drama on the field.

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