Top 3 American Athletes Who Love Gambling

Almost every athlete is a gambler. Therefore, it is not surprising that even the richest athletes play in a casino and are engaged in betting. Fans of excitement among famous athletes find a way to relax, and some even make good money on it.

Fans of excitement among famous athletes play online casinos mainly to relax. This is especially true about the best casinos like Yukon Gold Casino reviewed by professional gamblers. Now let’s look at 3 world-famous American athletes who cannot spend a day without gambling.

#1 – Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer at the moment, as well as a famous gambling lover. In the ring, he never lost; by the way, he also succeeded in betting. The boxer shares about victories in bookmakers on his Twitter account. In this case, we are talking about large amounts – 100 thousand dollars or more. In 2012, for example, Mayweather won $1.1 million by betting on the Oregon-Arizona football game. The former boxer shares with his subscribers not only the joy of victories but also his defeats. However, he has much more big wins at bookmakers.

#2 – Tiger Woods

15-time Major winner, American golfer Tiger Woods is not averse to spending his free time at the poker table. This athlete also loves blackjack. At the same time, Woods admitted that he prefers land-based casinos but often plays online poker as well. The 44-year-old loves to analyze and calculate his chances of success, just as he does when he hits the ball with a golf club. According to Woods, a poker player must have a high IQ, which is why he chose this type of gambling. A golfer often takes part in blackjack games in Las Vegas casinos. He usually plays higher stakes in increments of $25,000 at a $1 million limit table.

#3 – Michael Jordan

The most popular basketball player to this day is “King of the Air” Michael Jordan. Although his sports career is over, he still plays, though not in basketball, but in gambling. Michael Jordan recalls that after the matches, he would definitely go to the best gambling establishments in the United States and often lose the already allotted amount of money. 


The goal of the basketball player has never been to win, he just loves to play, especially poker. He could sit at the game for hours. Not surprisingly, one day he decided to become an investor in one of the largest gambling establishments in Las Vegas. Interestingly, Michael Jordan was seen at the same poker table as Tiger Woods. Both players were betting very high. According to eyewitnesses, the minimum bet was $2,500. Unfortunately, who won this confrontation and what was the gain is unknown.

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