Union Software: Overview and Top 5 Providers to Explore 

Where Covid-19 pushed businesses, firms, and corporations to look for digital channels to keep operations going, it also forced clubs, associations, and labor unions to look for alternative methods. Labor unions found it hard to manage things without online channels, and this was when union software became more popular.

Union software has helped labor unions or organizations in extending their reach, online presence, and many other things. As a matter of fact, union software is now considered an important part of labor unions’ arsenal. Most importantly, more and more labor organizations are switching to digital tools to automate their operations.

If you haven’t heard of this technology before, then this guide is a must-read for you. Let’s explore the benefits of union software and top union software providers in the market.

What is union software?

Union software is basically a comprehensive management solution that helps labor unions streamline internal and external administrative tasks. Union software consists of multiple tools for different tasks, such as online member directories, online contact database, website builder, integrated calendar, communication system, event platform, payout and finance system, member management, data analysis, member recruitment, and much more.

Common functions of union software

As mentioned earlier, union software helps labor organizations automate different workflows. Here are some common functions of union software:

  • Creating and maintaining websites without prior experience in coding
  • Creating, managing, and promoting different events through attendance tracking, online registration, etc.
  • Automating payments, registrations, and membership renewals
  • Managing professional newsletters and email communication
  • Maintaining a database consisting of useful records, directories, and lists of members, sponsors, and volunteers
  • Arranging online meetings between the organization’s board members

Top 5 union software providers

It is important to note that not many vendors offer very specific union software, particularly designed for labor unions. However, there are other convenient management tools such as board portal software that have everything a labor organization needs. Here are some of the best options available in the market.

1. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is one of the highly used membership management solutions around the globe. It is highly effective for clubs, non-profits, unions, associations, or any type of membership-based organization. That’s the reason why Wild Apricot has more than 30,000 clients worldwide.

Wild Apricot has everything a labor organization needs. The software has a built-in payment system, a website builder to create your own website, event management and database management tools, and whatnot.

Apart from an array of features, user intuitiveness is one of the biggest advantages of using Wild Apricot. Lastly, if you find any difficulty, Wild Apricot’s robust customer service is always there for you.

Wild Apricot offers free trials and has multiple flexible pricing plans starting from $40 per month.

2. eMembership for Labor Unions: Winmill Software

eMembership will surely make into any list of membership management software. It is one of those rare solutions that are particularly built for labor organizations. With eMembership, you can literally manage everything, including payment processing, dues, contracts, members, employers, grievances, invoicing, and reporting.

Apart from its highly effective features, eMembership offers:

  • ease of use
  • easy configuration
  • easy management

These benefits make eMembership even more desirable union software. With 24/7 customer support, multiple training routes, and years of industry-related experience, eMembership is a union software you can trust.

3. Union Impact

A diverse management solution for government agencies, freelancers, non-profits, unions, associations, enterprises, and small-to-midsize businesses, Union Impact can cater to multiple needs of a labor organization.

Union Impact can help manage projects, employers, job dispatches, members, grievances, member certificates, dues payments, event attendances, budgets and funds, and much more. Most importantly, the software is customizable as per an organization’s needs.

Union Impact offers a free trial, but their customer support is limited to business hours.

4. Mobilize

One of the leading platforms for mission-based associations or organizations such as labor unions, advocacy groups, non-profits, and political campaigns, Mobilize can help an organization in multiple ways.

With Mobilize, you can handle different processes such as communication, management, recruitment, and member follow-ups.

5. iDeals board management software

iDeals virtual board software is a management platform specifically designed to help senior management in nonprofits, enterprises, corporations, and mission-based organizations perform their governance responsibilities effectively.

iDeals’ secure virtual boardroom can be used as a secure data repository, which labor unions can use to store any type of documents. iDeals boasts its high-end features such as videoconferencing, voting tools, scheduling, deadline management, electronic signature, calendar management, etc., to make the governance process simple and effective.

iDeals offers free trials and supports 12 languages. Most importantly, the company has a strong 24/7 customer support service.

Want to know more about this and many other types of board portal software? Explore at:

Final words

Union software has been in the market for almost two decades, but their demand has increased in the past few years. This software helps automate workflows such as payments, member management, recruitment, communication, data management, etc. 

For your ease, we have also mentioned some of the best union software available in the market. Hopefully, one of them will be your tool of choice.

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