Funding and costs of Extreme Expeditions

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Or so wrote Haruki Murakami in his book, ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’. Athletes of all levels are familiar with the pain and suffering the body goes through in order to achieve any given goal. Whether it be your first ever 5k or your final miles […]

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Athlete Sponsorship Advice

We’ve covered some of these topics before but because it’s such an important aspect of an athletes career, we’re going to expand on a few points on targeting and getting athlete sponsorship. Social Media Puts The Power In Your Hands Since we are more likely to make a purchase from a company that we follow […]

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Crowdfunding Tips for Success

You may be new to online fundraising but we are not!   We have helped 10,000′s of people on PledgeSports in 47 countries around the world raise millions, so it’s fair to say at this stage that we are experts in this field. There is nothing worse for us to see than a campaign sitting at […]

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Tips on getting sports sponsorship

Every athletes dream is to get sponsorship and while we have covered this in the past it’s no harm refreshing it for those out there looking for advice.  So you are a budding amateur or professional athlete, a team or club and need to cover some costs, well you are not alone, as there millions […]

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Pt 2 – Sponsorship : Funding an Adventure Run

In Feb 2016 Eric decided to challenge himself to something a little out of the ordinary and run 4,200 miles across America, it took nearly 2 years of logistics, planning and training and as of the 20th of November he has completed 3,445 miles (6,810,285 steps).  It has been a fascinating journey for us and […]

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Crowdfunding a tennis event

We look at the importance of ITF Junior events and how crowdfunding can be used to help bring in the money and sponsorship needed to host them. ITF Junior tournaments are a vital stepping stone for you super talented tennis players, it gives them their first taste of tour life and offers them a chance […]

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Charity skydiving: what you need to know

Are you thinking of raising money for charity with some sort of event or challenge? Why not give skydiving a try? Skydiving is one of the ultimate fundraising challenges because it wills people to donate on the basis that they don’t think they would be able to do it. Being brave and doing the jump […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Crowdfunding

You may be new to crowdfunding and perhaps you’re not sure where to begin.  However we’re not new and have helping 10,000’s of people on PledgeSports we are experts at this stage, and we want to help you in every way possible to have a successful crowdfunding campaign and raise as much money as possible! […]

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Best Sports Crowdfunding Campaigns

At PledgeSports, we are counting down the top crowdfunding campaigns involved with sport over the past few years. Crowdfunding in sport began with reward based platforms like PledgeSports and had more recently progressed to equity crowdfunding where platforms such as Seedrs host campaigns by companies who want to raise equity by selling their shares to […]

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Fundraising for sport

4 years in and every month is different in PledgeSports. In 2016 we had the run up to the Olympics and Paralympics which was hugely exciting to be involved in – seeing athletes all over the world preparing to qualify, then travelling to Rio to compete.  Between team and individuals we had 100’s of athletes […]

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Fundraising For Sports Teams

We are global leaders with years of experience in fundraising for sports teams from all sports around the world, and because of that, we’ve become the perfect platform to help you generate the money your team needs. Crowdfunding is a powerful platform which can grow the reach of fundraising for sports teams by tenfold. In […]

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Crowdfund Your Way To Where You Want To Be: Top 10 Crowdfunding Reward Ideas

Scoop Hockey is a dedicated space offering everything hockey related in one place.  Whether you’re looking for news, features, reviews or everything else associated with one of the most dramatic sports on earth, then Scoop Hockey is the place to find it. Here is a guest blog they recently wrote on the Top 10 Crowdfunding […]

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Crowdfunding For Minority Sports

We love minority sports and have now run crowdfunding campaigns for nearly every sport know to man in 35 countries around the world and counting! PledgeSports has helped athletes and teams from around the world raise over one million for sport since 2014.  We get a new sport in every month that we’ve not even heard of, […]

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Crowdfunding For The Winter Olympics

With the hangover from Rio 2016 well and truly over it’s time to prepare for another major international sporting event. We’re talking, of course, about the Winter Olympics. At PledgeSports, we have established ourselves as the world’s leading platform when it comes to crowdfunding for the Winter Olympics. With winter sports becoming more and more popular, […]

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Revolutionary Fundraising For Niche Sports

We love niche sports and have now run crowdfunding campaigns for nearly every sport know to man in 33 countries around the world and counting! PledgeSports have helped athletes and teams from around the world raise over one million for sport since 2014.  As experts in sports crowdfunding, we are the best-equipped platform to help you fundraise for […]

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Why Athletes Should Use a Website to Attract Sponsors

We see crowdfunding as the first step toward securing athlete sponsorship. Social media allows athletes to leverage the power of posting quality, popular content in order to find sponsors and get funded. In crowdfunding with PledgeSports, athletes can take charge of their futures. Jocelyn Brown is a professional freelancer writer and mother. When not at work she […]

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5 Tips To Help You Hit Your Fundraising Target

You’ve just started to fundraise and it feels like a lot stands between you and your target. That’s OK! By following our step-by-step tips you can hit your fundraising target and ensure you raise the funds you require. 1) Storytelling What NOT to do: “I am Mr. Smith, I am a boxer, I need £2,000 to […]

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How Crowdfunding Has Changed Fundraising For Tennis

Tennis is undeniably one of the most expensive sports on the planet. In fact, a 2010 study by the U.S. Tennis Association showed that the an average season as a professional would cost a player $143,000 in expenses. PledgeSports have raised more money for tennis than any other sport, and are considered the world leader […]

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Examples Of Successful Crowdfunding

We’ve helped 10,000’s on athletes raise millions for sport across 46 countries and counting and we’re the best at what we do. One of the reasons for this is that we are experts in this industry and give people the advice and training they need to be successful (Not that everyone listens!). So, we thought […]

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Who Can Crowdfund On PledgeSports?

We often receive emails asking, “Who Can Crowdfund”, “Can I be on PledgeSports?”, “What age do I have to be?”, “Can I set up a campaign for someone else?”, and “What country must I be from?” The answer to all of the above questions is that any athlete or team, of any age, from any […]

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10 Tips For Successful Crowdfunding

HAVING helped start and fund 100s of campaigns on PledgeSports, founder and CEO Richard Pearson knows what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now he’s letting the cat out of the bag by giving you his 10 tips for successful crowdfunding in this handy Q&A. Let’s begin… 10 Tips For Successful Crowdfunding What’s […]

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Make It Rain: Top 5 Tips For Crowdfunding Success

YOU know your crowdfunding project has a great purpose, but that needs to be communicated to your audience.  How do you make your campaign stand out from the crowd? Here are our top tips to take your crowdfunding to the next level… 1. Be Likeable Hate to point out the blatantly obvious, but if people […]

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Q&A: Pledge Sports founder Richard Pearson talks Crowdfunding

RICHARD PEARSON, CEO and founder of PledgeSports, has kicked back his heels to reveal everything it has taken to make this sports crowdfunding platform the world leader. In the first of five interviews with Dublin City University student Molly Swan, Pearson speaks candidly about running a start-up, sports funding and the crowdfunding era. Let’s begin. […]

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Al-Aire Films Reflect On Crowdfunding For “Para-Riders”

 “At PledgeSports we love movies! So, being involved in helping to finance one was a great experience, especially when it revolved around para-cycling and the Paralympic athletes at Rio 2016. From a crowdfunding perspective, it’s always great to see what the money is being used for and the end result. So, seeing the short film […]

2nd December 2016 read full article

Trick or Tweet: Get The Most From Your Posts

Every day, 500 million tweets are sent out into the Twittersphere. Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, but fret no more, we have some great tips on how you can get the most from your posts. There’s no perfect science in optimising Twitter performance. However, the following information is based on 4.8 million […]

30th November 2016 read full article

Crowdfunding Success: Golden Moment For Para-Riders Film

Millions of spectators around the world watched the Rio 2016 Paralympics last summer, but nobody was afforded the chance to watch this great event through the eyes of a Paralympic athlete. That is, until now. Karen Darke is a British paralympic cyclist, paratriathlete, adventurer, author, and most recently, a crowdfunding success. Last year, Karen came to […]

22nd November 2016 read full article

Funding Your Extreme Adventure

Adrenaline is like an addiction, there are few better sensations than feeling it course through your veins. The greatest shot of adrenaline is to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly, for so long. It makes you feel truly alive. At PledgeSports we love extreme challenges and expeditions, they are our adrenaline. With […]

25th October 2016 read full article

Fundraising For Your Local Rugby Club

The local club is the heartbeat of any rugby community. It provides a lifestyle, a passion and a sense of belonging for those involved. Fundraising for your local rugby club is key to its existence and its success, and that is where PledgeSports can help you and your local club keep up the great work. […]

20th October 2016 read full article

Crowdfunding your Winter Olympic challenge

The hangover from Rio 2016 has finally past, and as we enter the autumn the months there is a new major event upon the horizon. This is, of course, the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Last summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games were filled with controversy and adversity, but amidst the madness there were several moments […]

3rd October 2016 read full article

Crowdfunding Helps Athlete Gain Rio 2016 Spot

ABSOLUTELY fantastic news today when a humble, talented, athlete that used crowdfunding to fund his bid to make the Zimbabwe Rio 2016 team did just that! That is what it is all about guys, that’s why we’re online and why you’re reading this story: to help athletes fulfil their dreams – they have the physical […]

10th June 2016 read full article

Self-Funding To Rio 2016? We Can Help

QUALIFIED for Rio 2016? Self-Funding? Not sure where you’re going to find the time or money to raise the bar for the Olympic Games in August? Take control of your time and olympic funding, just like these guys are already doing with Rosie Galligan, Middle Distance Runner Irish National 1500m Champion Fastest Irish woman […]

18th May 2016 read full article

Tarplee Crowdfunding leads to Irish National Title!

WE were absolutely delighted to watch distance runner Claire Tarplee land the women’s 1500m title at last weekend’s Irish National Indoor Athletics Championships, just days after the end of her Rio 2016 crowdfunding campaign. Winning at the Indoor Athletics Championships was a huge step towards being selected as part of Athletics Ireland’s Rio 2016 Olympics squad […]

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Why Is Pledge Sports Crowdfunding Better?

Why Choose Pledge Sports Crowdfunding To Fund Your Goals? THERE are lots of crowdfunding websites in the world wide web. There are even some other crowdfunding websites that specialise in sports. What they all have in common is that they charge commission on the funds raised through their platforms. A quick scan through the world’s most […]

20th August 2015 read full article

Think We’re Not Sports Funding’s Future?

‘What Pledge Sports Gave Me Will Last Long After Funding Runs Out’ IF you think our crowdfunding platform is not sports funding’s future, talk to Paralympic hopeful Emma Cahill. The equestrian joined Pledge Sports at the start of this year, hoping to raise sports funding to help her compete at the European Para-Dressage Championships, with […]

26th July 2015 read full article

Thank You – Magic Words For Crowdfunding Success

Want Crowdfunding Success? Try These Magic Words. CROWDFUNDING success or failure in any fundraising campaign could come down to Thank You, Merci, Danke, Grazie. These are magic words in the world of all crowdfunding – not just sports crowdfunding. They show you appreciate the sponsorship and support people are giving you. They show you are […]

2nd May 2015 read full article

Team Fundraising Campaign Hits 127% of target

Team fundraising campaign hits 127% of target SINCE Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, it’s been clear that two heads are better than one. So when a team of heads belonging to the Scottish Womens Open Touch Rugby squad got together to power a team crowdfunding campaign for their Touch Rugby World Cup bid, it was […]

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How To Start A Crowdfunding Campaign

The Superstar Crowdfunding Inner Circle Revealed THEY lurk in your house, on your speed-dial and at training. They don’t slap you in the face when you’ve whinged for 30 minutes about a race or match that didn’t go your way. These are you Superstar Crowdfunding Inner Circle – the gaggle of supporters are the answer […]

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4 Circles of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

The 4 Circles of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns  Circle 1: Family and close Friends   This is your core support for your campaign and the first people you need to contact after launching your campaign. They are your parents, your best friends and your relatives and they are the people who will be your strongest supporters […]

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Why Choose Crowdfunding For Sports Funding?

RICHARD PEARSON, CEO and founder of PledgeSports, has answered the burning questions all athletes have about choosing crowdfunding for sports funding. Crowdfunding is ideally designed to be the new sports funding model for  the 1,000s of athletes in minority sports like water polo, touch rugby and lacrosse, that do not have access to government support.  […]

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