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Pam Thorburn

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I’ve been a ski racer for as long as I can remember, I grew up racing against my big brother, and then against the other kids at Glasgow Ski Centre. I made it on to the British Children’s team, junior team and then on to the Senior team where I now compete against the rest of the World. After spending 10 years on the Alpine tour, I made a switch to the Freestyle sport of Ski Cross.

Ski Cross is the ultimate spectator sport, as extreme as it can get, 4 people, battling it out against each other over huge jumps, bumps and big turns in a race to the finish. The top 2 progress to the next round until a winner is found!

Unfortunately, I’ve suffered many injuries in my career. 13 surgeries later and I’m working my way to the next Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018. After such setbacks, I won’t give up. I know I haven’t reached my full potential and for the first time since starting Ski Cross, I have the opportunity to have a coach, a proper pre season training program and a chance to try to level the playing field against the rest of the world. As amazing as that is, I have to raise a huge amount of money to be able to join this training and get race ready for the Olympic qualification period starting this winter.

I have given up everything for my dream… and I’m so close! I would be eternally grateful to have your support and I’ll do everything I can to make it all the way to the Games, but I have to start here. Money raised will help me get on summer camps to the French and Swiss glaciers, a vital trip to South America and then follow a World Tour as part of the Olympic Qualification process. Please be a part of my journey with me.

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British Ski Cross Champion

15th World Cup Ski Cross Tegernsee

3rd Italian National Championships

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