Why Is Pledge Sports Crowdfunding Better?


Why Choose Pledge Sports Crowdfunding To Fund Your Goals?

THERE are lots of crowdfunding websites in the world wide web. There are even some other crowdfunding websites that specialise in sports. What they all have in common is that they charge commission on the funds raised through their platforms.

A quick scan through the world’s most popular crowdfunding websites will show you that they charge between 5-15% commission and give you varying degrees of service back.

Yes, Pledge Sports’s 8% commission is not the cheapest out there, but what you get for that fee is a personalised service designed to assist in everything from picture editing to reward building to digital marketing and even media coaching. Here’s how we earn our commission like sleepless ninja-dogs:


Professional word people do magic

You know what you want. You know yourself inside and out. But you don’t know how to say it and when it goes up on the screen it’s gobbledegook. Yep, it’s a familiar scenario. Crowdfunding websites tend to leave it all up to you to fix it. Pledge Sports doesn’t.

Pledge Sports’s team personally wants you to succeed and that’s why it has a team of professional storytellers on hand to help turn your tale into a masterpiece. The reason we have an unlimited space for your story is because it is the most important part of your crowdfunding campaign page.

These are the words that are going to convey to your fans – old and new – who you are, where you have come from, what you have achieved, what your dream is and why you need their help to get there.

Our experts talk to you about your original ideas and words, then shake them about, add a dash of this and a dash of that, mix it with any crucial facts or achievements you forgot about and, hey presto, you got yourself a story my friend.

And offer this help to every single Pledge Sports customer.


We make your story fly

The professional word person’s job is never done at Pledge Sports. That story that they help you finesse into perfection is then sent to local, national and sport-specific media, to help get the message out there that you’re amazing and need some help.

Our stories have featured in National and Local Newspapers, in magazines and on news websites. We’ve set up radio interviews for our athletes with broadcasters as big as the BBC and RTE and we’ve even seen one athlete graduate to giving a Tedx Talk!

Like we said before, we’re professionals so we don’t just let the story out of the coop and leave you to do the rest. We’ll manage your media appointments and advise you on them and even coach you on how to do a radio or television interview. Bet you didn’t think we’d do that!

The pixels do as we say

Our sports crowdfunding platform won Best Sports Website at the Eircom Spider Awards in Ireland last year for its design ,and that had a lot to do with appearance as well as its technical abilities.  (We have also been nominate for a Global Summit award this year!)

From the beginning we have been adamant about campaign pages being visually impressive, to capture people’s attention and imagination. The first route to that end is high-quality photos.

When we first peruse your draft campaign page, before we set the word people loose on your story, we test the photos you’ve uploaded. We check their quality and how they look in full on your page. We then make any edits that are necessary to get them sitting absolutely perfectly, and get in touch right away if they don’t work.

Asking for advice isn’t necessary

As soon as your campaign drops into our in-folder, we grab a coffee and a biscuit and read it through from top to bottom. Unlike other crowdfunding websites, who just hit publish and go back to their biscuits, we then email you with all our notes about what we liked, what we didn’t, and some ideas on how to improve it.

And we don’t mess about; if we think you’re not asking for enough money, we’ll tell you. If we think you’re rewards for supporters are all wrong, we’ll tell you. If we think that blurry selfie of you needs to stay private, we’ll tell you, straight up. Then we’ll tell you how to fix it all and make your campaign look the business.

Social media courses run a module about us

Okay, that’s not true, but we do know a hell of a lot about Social Media and we also know how to teach you about its power.

With most other crowdfunding websites, the onus is on you entirely to promote your campaign, making you wonder where exactly their 5-15% commission is going. With Pledge Sports Crowdfunding we take that commission and put a chunk of it into promoting your campaign via Facebook Marketing.

One Facebook post, boosted can reach 10s of 1,000s of people. These are not just any people, we target these adverts at people who like your sport or live in your area, giving you a greater chance of finding sponsors.


Fans don’t come bigger than Team PledgeSports

We are always telling athletes and sports teams that crowdfunding is the way to go for sports funding these days, chiefly because it doesn’t just raise money, it also raises their fanbase.

With a bigger fanbase, a team or athlete has a stronger footing going forward. It has more supporters that might lend a hand more quickly in the future and it has a following that is attractive to corporate sponsors. But what some people don’t realise is that this growth starts with Team PledgeSports.

We follow all of our athletes throughout their campaigns, retweeting their training pictures, wishing them luck on our Facebook page, beaming with parental pride all over Social Media when they win big – and generally making sure the whole world knows how talented they are and where they can go to help them.

Like what you read? Yes, we thought you might. Sign up to Pledge Sports today.

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