Two Millies And A Ross – Diving In For GB & Sheffield

Millie Haffety and Millie Fowler, British Diver fundraising for FINA Bolzano Diving Grand Prix

TWO Millies and a Ross have joined to fund their first major step towards becoming Team GB’s Divers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Millie Haffety, Millie Fowler, and Ross Haslam are part of Britain’s elite junior diving squad. They are teenagers, who have just finished their A Levels, are all from Sheffield, and have all been selected by Team GB to take part in their first senior international event this July.

It’s the latest leg of the 2016 FINA Diving Grand Prix and is held in Bolzano, Italy. This circuit is where the world’s greatest divers perform and compete and in Bolzano last year Britain’s Grace Reid finished fifth in the Women’s 3m event.

She went on to become European Mixed 3m Springboard Synchro Champion with Tom Daley at the London 2016 Championships this May, and the 20-year-old has now been named on the Team GB Diving Squad for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

So the 2016 Bolzano Diving Grand Prix is a massive deal for the two Millies and their Ross, who already hold multiple National Junior and Senior Diving Titles, as well as several European Medals for their considerable efforts.

Could you support talent like that? Do you have 2020 Vision like they do? Then let’s meet them and find out more.

Millie Haffety

Millie Haffety, British Diver fundraising for FINA Bolzano Diving Grand Prix
At 17, Millie Haffety is the youngest of this brilliant British diving trio. She has excelled on the 3m springboard, winning Gold at the 2014 Junior National Diving Champions, Silver at the same year’s Senior Championships, and Silver with Millie Fowler in the 3m Synchro at Olympic Trials in Sheffield this year.

Haffety also scored 239.10 in the final of the 3m singles, which was won by soon-to-be-Olympian Grace Reid with 325.45.

“It was a really good experience, this is my first Olympic trials and I did some good dives,” Haffety told SportsBeat. “My fourth dive was just a bit nervy, it was going well in training, and I had a good start but I just came out a bit too early. Competing against Britain’s best female athletes is a great experience; I know I am capable of doing as well as them which is great.”

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Millie Fowler

Millie Fowler, British Diver fundraising for FINA Bolzano Diving Grand Prix

Millie Fowler has been balancing 20 hours per week of training with studying for and taking her A Level exams, but still managed to land Silver with Millie Haffety in the 3m Synchro event at Olympic Trials in Sheffield this year.

The 18-year-old said: “I have been diving since the age of 11 and have always loved the challenge being an athlete brings. My progress over the last 7 years has come from immense dedication and commitment, continually pushing myself beyond my comfort zones to learn new dives.

“Sport is not just about effort, there is also a high emotional element. Be it in competitions or just training, I have enjoyed many moments of pride, happiness and success but also experienced my fair share of disappointment, hurt and tears. However, it has undoubtedly shaped who I am.”

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Ross Haslam

Ross Haslam, British diver fundraising for Bolzano FINA Diving Grand Prix

He burst into the public eye at the Baku European Games in Azerbaijan last year, taking Silver with James Heatly in the 3m Synchro and now Ross Haslam has his sights set on Tokyo 2020.

Heatly and Haslam’s score at Baku was inches off that off winners Russia, the standard-bearers, and both divers feel they have the necessary improvement to surpass them.

Entering the Grand Prix circuit in Bolzano is a crucial step for the 18-year-old, who has already won 18 British Junior National Diving Titles and two British Senior 3m Synchro Crowns.

He said: “In diving I have battled through countless injuries, but I have always remained focused on the goals I put forward, and I appreciate how lucky I have been with diving enabling me to travel the world at such a young age. I really hope you will be able to help me in my next chapter as a senior athlete, starting with the 2016 Bolzano Diving Grand Prix in Italy this July.”

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Why should you help the Two Millies And Ross?

THE Two Millies and Ross are exceptionally talented British divers, working as hard as they can to fulfil their potential – and dreams.

Their performances are rewarded with medals, results, and National Team selection, but they are too young to be earning any money.

Their fundraising campaigns for the 2016 FINA Diving Grand Prix in Bolzano are purely to cover the basics and each campaign needs to raise a minimum of £700 for them to be able to afford this tournament.

Backing their fundraising campaigns, backs their futures, the future of British Diving, the pride of their town Sheffield, and the future of British Olympic glory – and you only need to give £5 to make a difference.

Support the Two Millies And Ross today.

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