10 Christmas Adverts You Forgot Existed

Christmas adverts are powerful things. They make us laugh, cry and sometimes spend our hard-earned cash. Most of all, these adverts are nostalgic nuggets that get you in the Christmas spirit.

As the festive season begins we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Christmas adverts you forgot existed. Rest assured, there are some crackers!


1. Woolworths “Christmas Show” (1983)

A golden oldie in its truest form. This classic advert from Woolworths is one often overlooked but soon remembered as a favourite!


2. Budweiser “Clydesdales” (1987)

The horses, the snow, the silky tones in the voiceover. This is one of the most simple, iconic Christmas adverts ever.


3. Toys R Us “Magical Place” (1989)

Nothing beats the exciting build-up to Christmas when you’re a child. Flicking through catalogues of toys and wondering what to ask Santa for. This advert will take you back to your earliest of years.


4. ESB “Think I’m Going Back” (Late 80’s/Early 90’s)

This is for anyone who has ever gone away to college, work or travel and returned home for Christmas. You can’t describe the feeling but this little bit of nostalgia will have the memories flooding back.


5. Kellogs Cornflakes “Santa” (1991)

There was always one child in the house who couldn’t help themselves but try and catch Santa in the act. Pure brilliance from Kellogs.


6. Yellow Pages “Mistletoe” (1992)

Everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned Christmas love story. Here’s one packed into a 20 second clip, courtesy of the clever minds at Yellow Pages.


7. Coca-Cola “Holidays Are Coming” (1995)

There have been recreations year on year since this advert was released, but here’s the original in all of its glory. Christmas has arrived ladies and gentlemen.


8. Penneys “Christmas Eve” (1996)

Many won’t remember this one, but rest assured, it’s a classic. This is the fine wine of Christmas adverts. Left for 20 years to mature and broken out at the right moment for everyone to enjoy. You’re welcome.


9. IRN-BRU “Snowman” (2006)

The light-hearted pick of our list. While almost everyone is familiar with “Walking in the Air”, few may recall IRN-BRU’s quintessentially Scottish take on the famous hymn.


10. Marks & Spencer “Christmas Food” (2006)

A word of warning before you watch this one – Christmas dinner is still over three weeks away. This advert won’t just bring back memories, but it’ll leave you hankering for delicious food. Don’t say you weren’t given a heads up…


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