The 5 Most Powerful Football Agents

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say agents are football’s new rock stars. With the staggering sums of money being invested in their clients and the amounts the agents are then due, they wouldn’t miss the odd car driven into a swimming pool.

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Agents have more negotiating muscle than ever before, so here we rank the most powerful football agents in the game today.

5. Jonathan Barnett (Stellar Group)

jonathan-barnett_416x416Jonathan Barnett speaks his mind. He’s powerful and knows it. He told the Guardian: “We’re the largest football agency – Jorge Mendes is probably the only person close to us. I keep reminding him of that Bale deal. I’m sure he’s looking for some way to break it.”

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“That Bale deal” was a world record transfer fee of €100 million, negotiated by Barnett, for Gareth Bale to join Real Madrid. It has since been broken – by Mino Raiola and Paul Pogba.

4. Pere Guardiola & Jaume Roures (Media Base Sports)

pere_guardiolaPere Guardiola handles affairs for his older brother, Pep, and spends the rest of his time looking after players like Luis Suarez and Andres Iniesta.

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Pere owns 55 per cent of Media Base Sports, with agent Jaume Roures responsible for the other 45. And while Pep, Suarez, and Iniesta are the biggest names on their roster, the company also scouts and represents many academy players at some of the world’s biggest clubs.

3. Mondial Sport Management

There are few agencies as good as Mondial at finding lucrative moves for their clients. From the unexpected (Pato to Chelsea) to the underserved (Sissoko to Tottenham), their transfer deals are incredible.

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Mondial doesn’t just shill mercenaries, however. Several of their players, Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez and Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris among them, have stayed loyal to a club in spite of interest from bigger ones.

2. Mino Raiola

download (7)Ex-pizzaman Raiola always gets his slice. The sum he pocketed for masterminding Paul Pogba’s record-breaking transfer is eye-boggling, estimated to be around £40 million.

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But let’s not kid ourselves that Raiola got lucky. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The 49-year-old is an extremely skilled negotiator and one of the most powerful and feared men in football these days.

1. Jorge Mendes (Gestifute)

jorgemendesMendes’ power almost knows no bounds. In England, his introduction of Jose Mourinho changed everything. And with Mourinho came more Mendes clients to Chelsea: Deco, Tiago, Hilario, Ricardo Carvalho, Ricardo Quaresma, Paulo Ferreira – and, more recently, Diego Costa and Radamel Falcao.

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Mendes was the game’s first super-agent and his notorious reputation looks like it will keep him as the atop the list of the most powerful football agents.


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