Evolution of Sports Betting Offers Unlimited Opportunity

This is not your father’s era of sports gambling.  Not by a long shot.  Certainly, today’s era of options was unfathomable just a generation ago.  Participation at USA sportsbooks have never been more fun.  And the action offered has never been greater.  But for those looking for something beyond access to action, choices have increased to unprecedented levels.  Today’s available wagering options are a land of unlimited opportunity.  Owing to this is more gamblers than ever before turning professional.  These players are taking full advantage of new ways to beat the books.  Let’s examine the new ways to play.  

Halves, Quarters, and Period Wagering

Some of the smartest sports gamblers in the world have mastered betting on portions of a game.  For example, they bet on quarters, halves, or periods of select games.  They may bet early on a quarter or half only to later come back and counter that bet in other quarters or halves of the same game. Along the same lines, players will bet different ways on the three periods of a hockey game.  Handicappers will use team fatigue and rest as part of their online sportsbook strategy.  They will also play the different periods and results against each other during the entire matchup.  

What to Handicap When Betting Pro & College Halves and Quarters

Correlate how the halftime lines are often proportionately different from the opening full game odds.  This is where a lot of sharps like to pounce.  Instead of laying a lot of points on a good team for the entire game they will wait.  That is also the case on taking underdogs.  Suppose that a 14-point favorite for the entire game is trailing at the half.  Depending on the score such a team can cover a halftime line in a comeback straight up win.  Even though they may still not cover the opening full game line.

NFL wild cards that won the Super Bowl

Counter to that is an underdog that is trailing badly at the half.  Yet this underdog may sneak through the back door and cover the second half.  Often times the team with the big lead “takes its foot off the gas.”  This means that the dog can still bring home the bacon at in the second half.  Even as they fail to cover the original full game price.

NBA Halves and Quarters Handicapping

Specifically, what makes the NBA different from college basketball is the 82-game regular season schedule. Teams will often play three games in four nights throughout the season.  Marathon road trips that would crush mere mortals are part of NBA life.  All of which leads into betting on halves and quarters of pro basketball game bets.  Many sharps have learned to regularly score by betting online with such cases.  


Commencing with a road team playing at the end of a long road trip.  Or its third game in four nights.  Initially such teams may show strong in the first quarter or two.  Only to fade badly down the stretch of the contest.  Many times, they lack the stamina to remain competitive as the game progresses.  What many gamblers wait for are such teams that played effectively in the first quarter or half.  Following that they will pounce.  These teams aren’t likely able to maintain such quality play all game long. 

In the same way can these lessons by applied to hockey.  A road weary team may win the first period.  For all that, they can fade in the second or third period to lose the game.  This is where sharps may bet on such teams in the first period.  Conversely, they will then oppose them in later periods.  

Five Inning Baseball Lines

As a consequence of increased usage of relief pitchers has baseball handicapping changed.  But for players that still like a starting pitcher to matter five inning betting lines are attractive. Specifically, with these bets only the first five innings matter on the wager.  Most starting pitchers still last five innings.  This appeals to players that like a more stable lineup.  In short, they don’t have to worry about games changing with substitutions like a full nine inning matchup.  

Along with live betting these new ways to play can be avenues to profit!

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