They’ll Bet on Anything: Unusual Sports to Bet On

Accounted for 104.31 billion dollars in 2017, the global sports betting market is expected to reach a whopping 155.49 billion dollars by 2024, an impressive 50% rise in less than a decade. And while the lion’s share of the total revenue is extracted from the well-known sports – American football, soccer, tennis, horse racing, basketball, and boxing – there are a number of exotic, strange, hard-to-believe sports that are yet to unleash their potential.

Whether you are willing to explore your betting horizons or just have all the fun in the world by betting on something you’ve never heard of, the phantasmagoric sports below will knock your sock off!

Cow Chip Tossing

Whaaat? No, we are not fooling around – not only the World Championship of Cow Chip Tossing does exist, but it gathers a vast audience every year on the third Saturday in April in Beaver, Oklahoma. Wonder why cow turd and why Beaver? Then imagine a place where cows outnumber people 16 to 1. Yeah, that’s the harsh reality of Beaver, the home to the best turd tossers in the world.

Winners here throw turd on at least 130-140 feet, and they say it’s because they lick their fingers between throws for better luck. Well, it’s up to you whether to follow the dubious advice, but what would be much safer is betting on one of a hundred or so participants. But please don’t expect to make your bet online – the world of electronic payments along with its fast and secure transactions on casino sites with PayPal and other state-of-the-art bells and whistles gives up here in favor of good old cash.

And if turd tossing alone is not enough to satisfy your hunger for fun, make sure to arrive in advance – there are a whole set of minor events that you can bet on – a tractor pull, a golf tournament, a talent show, and a parade, all preceding the main show.

Harness Racing

You might be unaware – especially if you are a stranger to traditional horse racing – but somewhere in the US and Europe, the business of harness racing – the descendant of chariot racing in which the horses pull two-wheeled carts – is thriving. Why?

First of all, you don’t have to own a well-bred horse stallion to participate. Unlike other types of horse racing, all animals, thoroughbred or not, are allowed to compete in a trotting race. Secondly, it’s really fun and unusual, as well as it includes some non-ordinary bets with different winning odds depending on the country.


Hey, muggle, don’t forget to keep your broomstick polished for the next Quidditch World Championship! No, we are not raving – the brilliant embodiment of the well-known J.D. Rowling’s fairy tale is organized by the International Quidditch Association every two years since 2012 in different countries – the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Italy so far. The next location is Richmond, USA – Americans, get ready!

One of the strangest tournaments the world has ever witnessed, the Quidditch World Championship has a different set of rules from that given in the book. In the Muggle Quidditch, the teams are trying to handle a deflated volleyball while running around a soccer pitch. The icing on the cake of idiocy is a ‘snitch’ player running across the playfield and trying to ruin the endeavors of both teams. And guess what – the game doesn’t end until the ‘snitch’ is caught. You should see that, really.

Most popular sports to bet on

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The simplest game of rock, paper, scissors is familiar to everyone, but what about scaling this mischief by allowing real-money bets and awarding champions with tremendous prizes? No problem – the World RPS Association has already taken care of that. On their website, you can find the schedule for the upcoming tournaments, articles on how to become a guru in the game, and some more exciting stuff.

Strange sports you don’t know about are calling for you – sprinkle some exciting pastime on the monolith of your betting routine and discover how amazingly attractive and refreshing out-of-the-box betting can be.

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