Getting fit with beach sports

If you’re lucky to live close to a beach then you’re winning!  Fresh air, that tranquility of  watching and listening to waves crash to the shore are just some of the reasons to be smitten.  But there’s a lot more on offer to sports and fitness lovers.  Let’s lot at some of the great ways to stay fit beachside.


There is no better surface to run on to build up fitness.  Just try go for a run on soft sand and you will realise how physically draining it is!  In fact after a few runs on the beach, you will find running on hard surfaces so easily you’ll be super charged.  Not only is beach running excellent for building up running fitness but it’s lower impact so therefore a less injury prone surface.  On top of all this running on soft sand requires a lot more stabilisation and there for you will use a lot more muscle groups compared to running on the hard.

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Beach Volleyball

On top of being a huge fun sport to play, beach volleyball is an incredible workout.  It’s also a full body work out as you use every part of your body. You use your arms, shoulders and chest to bump, spike and serve the volleyball; you use your legs to run, squat and jump.

Because your playing on soft sand which is an naturally unstable surface, it’s harder that’s harder to move in than on grass or concrete, this resistance means beach volleyball burns a lot of calories.

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Beach Tennis

Beach tennis is similar to beach volleyball but played with a tennis ball and a racket. The rules are the combination of tennis and volleyball. If the ball hits the sand, this results in a point. The scoring is the same that of tennis, 15 – 30 – 40.  Beach tennis is an excellent cardio workout and a much lower impact than normal tennis.

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Sea Swimming

Swimming one of the best all over non impact workouts you can possible do.   Swimming in the sea for most is a lot more enjoyable than lapping through chlorine invested swimming pools.  Swimming in the sea is also known to boost your immune system; cold water boosts the white blood cell count as the body is forced to react to changing conditions.  Sea swimming is not just great for burning calories, it also is long know to aid mental health and some say it can even increase your libido!


Surfing is one of the most physically challenging sports out there, it’s an incredible full body workout from start to finish –  You carry the board to start with, then you have to paddle the board out to the surf which is a nonstop cardio workout.  Then there is pushing yourself up on the board which requires good explosive strength and when you do get up on it, the actual surfing is great for building core and leg strength.

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SUP (Standup Paddle Boarding)

Standup Paddle boarding or SUP  is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the most versatile of all board sports.  SUP’s can be used in flat water, rivers and rapids, touring, racing and surfing, but it as sea where SUP is the most fun.

Like surfing it’s a great all over body workout and less impact which will result in less injuries.  Having to stand up right on the board in water requires you to engage all the muscles in your legs, butt, and core for balance and stability, while you work your arms, back, and core to paddle through the water.

On top of the all over muscle toning, the combination of balance, strength, and endurance, paddle boarding is great for training your balance and focus.

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