Biggest Ski Resorts in Europe

The bigger, the better, right? Well, it depends on what you’re thinking about. However, when it comes to ski resorts, that statement can’t be more accurate. A great area means more ski runs, and that comes with more fun.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time spent at smaller ski areas, especially if you’ve just started your journey with skiing or snowboarding. But if you’re a more experienced skier, skiing on the same slopes has to get boring after a while.

Keep in mind that the most popular ski resorts are located in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and France. And do you know what they all have in common? They’re huge.

In fact, some of them make the largest US ski resort – Park City, look like a bunny slope. And since Park City includes over 250 km of ski runs, it does put things into perspective.

That’s why, if you’re trying to figure out where you should head for your next ski trip, you ought to know a thing or two about the best resorts. What’s more, considering that the skiing season starts in January, now it might be the best time to start planning your winter holidays.

That is, of course, if it does start as scheduled. After all, the pandemic has already delayed the beginning of the season. Still, we believe you can start looking for ski chalets for sale or rent.

And if you still don’t know where to look for them, the guide below should help you.

Val d’Isère/Tignes – France, 300 km

Val d’Isere – Tignes resort offers 300 km of ski runs. From it’s more recreational sectors, like Bellevarde or Solaise, to the challenging 1992 Olympic downhill run, every ski lover can find something for themselves.

In fact, many skiers call it the best and most beautiful ski area they’ve ever been to. And even by looking at the pictures, it’s hard not to agree, at least with the latter. The sights are absolutely breathtaking, and Tignes is one of the most charming villages in the Alps.

Basic info:

  • 300 km of runs: 157 km of easy, 78 km of intermediate, and 52 km of difficult slopes
  • 82 ski lifts
  • Main season daily ski pass prices: adults – 62 EUR, children – 50 EUR

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Arlberg Ski Area – Austria, 305km

Although Arlberg has been one of the most famous European resorts for quite some time, it’s the 2017 new lift forming that turned it into Austria’s largest ski area. It offers skiers over 305km of ski routes both beginners and skiing veterans can enjoy.

But Arlberg offers much more than just ordinary runs. Aside from them, more adventurous skiers can enjoy approximately 200km of off-piste routes, which open entirely new possibilities and provide a different experience for skiing lovers.

Basic info:

  • 303 km of runs (+200 km of ski routes): 130 km of easy, 122 km of intermediate, and 51 km of difficult runs
  • 82 ski tows
  • Main season daily ski pass prices: adults – 59 EUR, youth – 53 EUR, children – 35 EUR

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Milky Way – France/Italy, 400km

The 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games home, the Milky Way, is one of the world’s largest and most famous ski areas. Named after the Galaxy (not the candy bar), the Via Lattea offers 400 km of the best ski slopes you can find.

The area is mainly situated in Italy; however, you can also try out French ski slopes thanks to its string of interlinks. Starting your day with a French croissant and enjoying a mid-day Italian espresso in a matter of hours? It sounds like a dream, but the Milky Way makes it possible.

Basic information:

  • 400 km of slopes: 96 km of easy, 220 km of intermediate, 84 km of difficult runs
  • 63 lifts
  • Main season daily ski pass prices: adults – 50.5 EUR, children – 10 EUR

4 Vallees – Switzerland, 412km

4 Vallees is Switzerland’s biggest ski area, with 412 km of runs linking four separate smaller resorts. But the size is not the only advantage of the area, as it’s known for its beginner and family-friendly infrastructure, as well as more challenging and adventurous routes.

The high point is Mont Fort at 3,330 meters, from which you can experience a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. What’s more, if you’re interested in other winter activities besides skiing, the 4 Vallees area is full of them.

The ski area offers:

  • 412 km of runs: 107 km of easy, 202 km of intermediate, and 103 km of difficult slopes
  • 67 ski tows
  • Main season daily ski pass prices: adults – 72 EUR, youth – 61 EUR, children – 36 EUR

Sella Ronda – Italy, 500km

With 500 km of connected ski runs, Sella Ronda is up there among the world’s largest ski resorts. Located in the breathtaking Dolomite scenery, the resort is one of the most recognizable parts of the famous Dolomiti Superski region.

The name Sella Ronda comes from the celebrated circuit around the Sella massif. What makes it unique is that it offers 26 km of skiing in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Basic info:

  • 500 km of trails:
  • 218 lifts
  • Main season daily ski pass prices: adults – 58 EUR, children – 41 EUR

Les 3 Vallees – France, 600km

Les 3 Vallees is not one of the world’s biggest ski areas. It is the largest ski area in the world. With 600 km of runs spread across the three main resorts, 105 km2 area (as big as Paris), 328 runs, and 166 lifts, Les 3 Vallees deserves to be called a ski paradise.

What’s more, considering that the area is scattered between three valleys (as the name suggests), each one of them has something else to offer. 

Every smaller resort has its own character, which makes the whole area look magnificent. And we haven’t even mentioned the views.

Information on the area:

  • 600 km of trails: 312 km of easy, 216 km of intermediate, and 72 km of difficult runs
  • 166 high-performance ski tows
  • Main season daily ski pass prices: adults – 64.50 EUR, children – 61.60 EUR

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Final Note

And here it is, a short rundown of the largest ski resorts worldwide. As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when planning your next ski trip.

Each resort is unique, and no matter your skills and preferences, you’ll find something for yourself, whichever destination you choose.

And sure, they’re not the cheapest options in Europe. But considering how difficult 2020 has turned out to be, you deserve to treat yourself this year.

What are you waiting for then? Italy, France, or Switzerland are ready to take you in. 

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