Top Sports for Betting in Canada

Betting on your favorite sports can make watching the game more exciting and lets you win some cash, too! However, not all sports are equally popular. Each country has its favorite games to watch and to bet on, and Canada is no different. Canadians love sports, and they love betting, too. 

The best online casinos in Canada are some of the best places to bet on your favorite sports team. Finding reputable gambling sites or online casinos is crucial to ensure that your money is safe.  

There are many sports where you can make some bets, and choosing the best ones can be overwhelming. So, below are the top sports for betting in Canada to narrow down your choices and make a good decision. 

Ice hockey

As the national game of Canada, ice hockey is the game that gets the most bets. This sport is full of joy and excitement, and the country has won tons of medals in it. The game is somewhat unpredictable, making it more thrilling and also the reason why most Canadians love betting on it. 

The bettors love the high odds of the game, not to mention the great rewards compared to other sports. With a little luck and some cash, you are likely to hit the jackpot! 


Basketball is also among the sports that began in Canada. Moreover, many basketball stars came from the country. With that in mind, the sport is popular in betting sites and clubs. 

Besides Canadians, online betting sites are also filled with foreign bettors, making the competition tougher and higher. So, regardless of your nationality, you can still put a wager on your favorite games and win some cash. However, aside from luck, you will need a good strategy if you want to win. 


Football is another sport that is getting a lot of bets. The CFL or Canadian Football League is the country’s top league for professionals. Football has various types of bets, giving you more chances of winning.  

National leagues are not the only leagues that you can put a wager; you can bet on college football, too! College football leagues in Canada are getting a lot of attention, hence, attracting bettors. So, if you don’t want to wait on the national league, you can start betting on college football leagues. 


This mixed-martial arts competition brings tons of excitement to many viewers. Canadians love watching the matches and put in some wagers, too! So, if you love watching MMA, why not make some money through it by placing bets? It will make your MMA experience a lot exciting, plus you can earn some money, too! 


Tennis attracts a lot of bettors in Canada, too. Most bettors of this sport are new to the betting world. So, if you want to try your luck into gambling, this sport is the best place to start since you don’t need to make some winning strategies. 

Moreover, tennis is a lot easier to comprehend than other sports, such as basketball, hockey, and football. There are no special skills needed – you have to watch the game and wait for the winner. To increase your winning chance, all you need is to review the player’s records and analyze their live performance. 


This sport is not a powerhouse game in the country but still getting a high betting rate. Moreover, Canadian soccer teams perform well in the international leagues. Canada has three major soccer teams on the international level: Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps, and CF Montreal. 

With that being said, you can watch some amazing soccer matches and earn some money as well. Moreover, if you are more interested in winning your bets to earn some profit, you can choose various betting options offered by online sportsbooks. 


Canadians also love to play and attend golf matches in the summer months. They put a lot of wagers, too! Golf matches come under daily fantasy sports as the game involves Canada’s rich past. 

While it only attracts more spectators during summer, the sport is an all-season game and earns high bets. So, you can bet on golf if you want to get an additional flow of money to your account. Many online betting sites will let you place bets on golf tournaments. 

These are just the seven favorite sports for betting in Canada; there are still more interesting sports to choose from. However, keep in mind to choose the game that you understand well. Knowing to evaluate the game is the key to increase your chances of winning. Moreover, choose a reputable betting site to secure your bets and earnings.

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