The easiest ways to win betting on tennis

Tennis has become a massively popular sport for betting on.  So much so that globally it’s now the second most popular sport to bet on. The chance of high frequency betting (you can bet on every game) and other in play live bets make tennis very attract for punters.  Now let’s look at some easy ways to win while betting on tennis.

The single easiest way to win a bet on tennis over the past 20 years is pretty simple: Bet on one of the big 3!

best Tennis betting sites

The best sites for betting on tennis

Winning on the big 3

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Between them, they have more or less completely dominated mens tennis over the past 20 years.

Over the last 19 years there have been a total of 78 Grand Slams (Including the 2022 Wimbledon Championships and counting that Wimbledon was cancelled in 2020).  The big three have won 62 of these Grand Slams!   This complete domination for such a long time has never happened in an other sport.  What does this mean in betting terms?

There have been some years when it would be hard to loose a bet on one of the big 3 in tennis.

  1.  Always back Nadal on clay
  2.  Back Federer or Djokovic on grass
  3.  On hard it’s a bit more difficult but the competition is now between Nadal and Djokovic as Federer is still recovering from knee surgery and at 40 he is unlikely to win another major.
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Backing favourites

Betting on tennis is very different and in our opinion easier than betting on some other individual sports, especially golf.  The seeding of top players means they get a big advantage in the draw,  the top ranked players in a tournament are nearly always pitted them against much lower ranking players in the early rounds, meaning there are rarely big upsets.   In tennis the probability of a favourite winning is far higher than golf.

This is even more significant in grand slams because of the big 3 dominance.

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Here are our top 5 ways to win live betting on Tennis

1. Always back the top 10 in early round matches, the seeding system always pits the top seeded players against outsiders, and there is very rarely an upset.

2.  If you are live betting in a game, place your bet on the server as winning your service game has a higher probability than loosing it.

3. Like horse racing, pick an inform player!  If you looked at Carlos Alcaraz at the start of 2022 it was pretty clear that the 18 year old was going to go on a winning run, and he did!  Winning 4 tournaments in a row.  He is clay and hardcourt master but unproven on grass so it would have been risky backing him for Wimbledon.

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4. Watch for injury, no matter what the odds are if a player is injured they are unlikely to win and highly likely to withdraw.  If live betting just watch closely as it’s pretty easy to tell if a player is suffering, then you can pounce and bet against them.

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The US Open Favourites

The US Open (29th August – 11 September) is the next and last calendar Grand Slam, what are the odds that either Nadal of Djokivic doesn’t win?!  They are almost certain so therefore a very easy bet.

Before the US Open we have a few big North American Hardcourt tournaments, the Citi Open,  Montreal Open (Master 1000 and Cincinnati Master 1000) .  We know that Nadal is out for a while with injury and we also all know that both himself and Djokovic will be saving themselves for the US Open.  However if Djokovic is playing, don’t bet against him.

In our opinion Alcaraz and Yannik Sinner are the two best new generation tennis players and we expect them to both win a few more tournaments this year.  Casper Rudd is a clay specialist but he made the Miami Open final earlier this year so he could be a good outside bet.   Taylor Fritz is also on a great winning run and will be on home ground for the North American hardcourt season

The other top 10 players in contention for the US Open would be only Medvedev, as Zverev is out injured and Tsitsipas is not having much luck this year.

How to Bet on Tennis: Most popular Wager Types

  • Tennis Moneyline bets: Sports betting in its most basic form, a moneyline bet is an outright winner bet. Bettors simply wager on which player they think will win a tennis match (match bet) or tournament.  Example: If Rafa Nadal is -130 on the moneyline against Djokovic, that means you’d have to pay $130 to win $100 on a Nadal victory.
  • Tennis Handicaps/Spread Bets: For bettors looking to make the game more interesting, handicap betting involves predicting a specific player’s performance. Instead of adjusting odds based on skills and ability, operators implement a handicap to level the playing field. Sportsbook users are given the opportunity to place wagers on a player’s overall performance, whether they win or lose the match.  But you can also bet on Game or Set Spread.  Example: If Novak Djokovic is a -1,100 favorite over Nadal in a 3-set match, the game spread may be around -4.5. That means Djokovic would need to win five more games than Nadal in the match (6-2, 6-3) to cover the spread.
  • Tennis Over and Under Betting: This type of betting in tennis refers to set totals and game totals. Bettors essentially predict the length of a match in terms of the sets or the total number of games, regardless of who wins the match.  Example: If Nadal and Djokovic are playing a 3-set match, the Over/Under may be set at 22.5 games. If you think the match will be close and bet the over, you need the match to last for at least 23 games.  Or if you think it will be a quick match bet for fewer games.
  • Tennis Live Betting: Possibly the most exhilarating and highest frequency betting type in tennis, live betting refers to in-play betting while a match is taking place in real-time. Bettors can wager on individual games and sets, including betting on who will win the next point, whether a game will go to a deuce, the next break to serve, and many other exciting live betting options.

Other popular wager types for tennis are:

  • Tennis Prop Bets: Prop bets are loosely defined in tennis betting as they essentially refer to wagers not relating to the winner of a tennis match or tournament. A popular prop bet example is a head-to-head tournament bet where bettors can pick which player will make it further in a tournament and even exactly when the player will be eliminated.
  • Tennis Futures Betting: With some of the biggest payouts in sports betting history, betting on tennis futures presents a world of excitement and is well worth the wait. Future bets can be placed on upcoming grand slams and major tournaments far in advance and sport some of the most impressive odds in the industry.

The history of tennis

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