‘I train full-time thanks to Sports Crowdfunding’

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BRITISH star Skeleton Racer Kim Murray has been welling up with thanks for her sports crowdfunding campaign supporters, after exceeding her target by a whopping 127%!

Murray, hailing from the Isle of Wight, was a top long jumper, but she got spotted by the Power2Podium talent search and entered skeleton.

Turns out, she’s seriously good, and now with your help, through her sports crowdfunding project, she has been able to quit her job and start training full-time for the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Here’s a little thank you and an insight into all the extras she got out of her sports crowdfunding campaign.

My sports crowdfunding campaign finished on the 24th December! It raised £2545, £545 in excess of my target that I set in November!

73 people supported me, including friends, family, strangers, The Coldstream Guards, Facebook groups and, memorably, Bestival!

Because of this I am able to train as a full-time skeleton athlete up until April when I will move to Bath.

12491785_963535250403614_2768985853599884159_oThe money will be used to pay bills, facility costs, equipment costs, like tools for my sled, and travel to Bath and to airports from Scotland. It will help buy my food; crucial for an athlete!

I want to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone that supported my sports crowdfunding project, but also to everyone that shared, liked, retweeted my numerous (apologies) FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram posts!

Brazenly asking for money is not something I wanted to do, but sports crowdfunding is becoming more and more common; particularly with development athletes, and particularly in non-summer or non-professional sports.

It was hard work, but I have actually loved sharing my story and my journey with everyone that has interacted with me. And now you’re all part of what I am trying to achieve; some motivation in case I needed any extra!

I also want to thank James for helping me come up with new ideas to keep my supporters interested, Fiona who taught me about social media scheduling and Iain MacIntosh Photography for providing the rewards for the 12 days of Christmas, way before I even had the idea!

Lastly a big thanks to IOW media (IW radio, IWCP, Island Echo) for helping spread my story, I am very fortunate to come from the Isle of Wight; where as a community we root for and support one another. I hope I can do the Island proud one day.

Lovely stuff from Kim, watch her in action below and find out more about our Sports Crowdfunding Successes by clicking here.

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